First grow purple haze


It’s kind of infuriating that they say that.


Yep but most the people on the stupid medical marijuana board are anti cannabis. It’s a miracle we’ve made it this far.


You’re right, we should be happy we’ve come this far at all.


Yeah moved here 2 years ago went to UT for 6 yrs and now live almost on campus of the Cowboys :unamused:


Lol well you’re not terribly far away. Me and @Haildamaged are in the Moore area.


Cool man I can warn you when the tornadoes are comin from the the north :wink:


Hahah where we are you just automatically assume any that show up are aimed at us lol


@fano_man I don’t forget I just don’t want to. I’m digging them all out right now and I still don’t want to


Thanks @raustin I’m so excited :rofl:
It also says Marijuana has carcinogens and the first I’ve heard of that but I’m good. Don’t really care what it says as long as it’s a get out of jail free card :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Congrats on being legal


Thank you @Haildamaged

Appropriate name lol!


yeah I have for cousins that own roofing companies my wife is their CPA


Gotta love the back ones there the ones that need the most attention at least in my narrow ass wall cavity of a grow room lol how are them purple buds commin out bro mine are still swelling and smelling like sweet diesel and getting frostyyy


To be honest man I don’t pay to much attention anymore. As you probably know purple haze is mostly sativa so I’ve been creating and knockin down all kinds of projects around the house. Kinda like Green Crack is supposed to be :crazy_face:
@fano_man tag me in I was following your grow before I started wiggin but now can’t remember which one it was


Thursday November 1
Days from flip
Left 14
Right 35
Closet 8

Just watered the closet today

That’s all I’ve got for today :v:


Quick question
I’ve been curing for about 3 wks. Do I still need to burp every day?
I currently burp once a day for 30 minutes


Nah. Think thats for the first week. Ive never had that much weed tho


You can burp once a week now, then go to one a month.


Thanks guys yall rock :metal:


How’s the smells commin is the buzz proper ?