First grow purple haze


Your scrog looks perfect. They’ll keep growing, don’t worry you’re going to have nice tall colas.


Very nice!! Lovin it.


I like it, but ya can’t tell because I’m outta likes :crazy_face: Thought you should be clued in to this fact by posting something.


Thanks bud


Tuesday October 30
Days from flip
Been a while so I’ll try to catch yall up with pics
Left 10-23




Uneven SoG


Got more pics but they’re taking forever to upload so I’m gonna stop there :v:


That right side SCROG is a friking BEAST! And at day 33?? Wow


That SCROG looks amazing, great job!


@Redeyedranger, I know you think you got us fooled on this grow thing!!.. so, seriously, how many years you been growing?
Your scrog is already three times the size, and height of mine… hang on got to grab a pen and paper to take some notes here… good job! :sunglasses:


And there he goes off and running hell yea bro can’t wait to have stuff backed up lik this


Appreciate you guys, thanks :wink:
@spyonyou yalls scrog is gorgeous. I think mine might be an optical illusion lol! They didn’t even fill their screens but I’m satisfied. I won’t be running out anytime soon


One question… same size screen? And still nuggety goodness :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:


Left is 4x4 and right is 5x4


Wednesday October 31
Days from flip
Left 13
Right 34
Closet 7

Nothin much today. Left started pistils at 10 days, right is starting to put on weight, and closet is still in transition



Good lord that’s gonna be a lot of weed!


That SOG is gonna get hairy u might find Tarzan in that jungle …ps dot forget you gotta water the back plants still :joy::joy:


Got this in the mail today :grin:

Lightn up to celebrate :wink:




Medical Marijuana license lol! I’m all legal


Congratulations! But I’m still wondering why they warn against addiction. Marijuana is not addictive.


Congrats. I didn’t know you were in oklahoma to.

@raustin they’re requiring that same stupid statement on packaging of all medical cannabis to. It’s because they’re willfully ignorant.