First grow purple haze


Keeps us posted on the scrog! That’s a nice size! In the famous word that someone said on my journal, “You gone get high!!” … lol​:joy::rofl:


Tuesday October 23
Left-day 5 from flip
Right- day 26 from flip
3 weeks apart


Fed them today and found some pH issues

The back right with 5.4 is the only one showing signs so far

Gonna add some baking soda to the soil and keep an eye on it/them.


Baking soda works?


Don’t know just assuming so. I’ve already got it so I’ll try it to see. Experiments can’t hurt. That enclosure will be way over crowded in a couple weeks


I did wanna know if it was possible to safely put another light in the flower room while you’re around but I’m gettn tired I don’t feel like it.
Maybe tomorrow :v:


No problem. I’m not sure in what aspect your asking though. More than a couple drivers per circuit is pushing tripping breaker on inrush current. Otherwise I don’t see why not.


That scrog is INSANITY!!! Wow @spyonyou u got comp for scrog of the year :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


So if I stagger my on times I should be okay? Or do I need to use a different circuit?


I can not begin to compete with Redeye’s scrog! That’s going to be HUUUUGE! :yum: :sunglasses:


I’m having issues with overcrowding and I’m thinking of flipping the veg room to 12/12 to get a sea of green or whatever happens

Yall have any opinions? Should I wait longer or go ahead or not do that?


Wouldn’t hurt! They are old enough. Should be a hell of a haul!


Yes, they look big enough to flip.


I recommend u buy more trimming scissors and jars. Dude by xmas ur gonna have pushing 100 zips… :joy::joy::joy:

Flip dem sh!ts!


If your out of room your out of room! Go for it! Maybe set up a little temporary veg room with a cardboard box and a cheap flourescent strip light so you dont get a long gap between grows…


You have 4 hlg-185’s right? What are they currently running on, single 20amp circuit?


IDK I think it’s 15 but all 4 are on the same one. My house was built in '49. Still has cloth for wire insulation lol!


Wednesday October 24
Days from flip

Changed the timer in the veg room to 12/12

The SCROGS are still comin along. I think the one on the right is done stretching. Looking at other ppls SCROGS makes wonder if I’m doing mine wrong. @spyonyou has a really good lookin one goin on. I’m I going too horizontal? The ones I see seem to have colas 6 or more inches above the net. Mine are more like 2 or 3 inches. Should I stop tucking the one on the left?

Thanks :v:


Dude… u just showed ur noobism… its day 27 from flip. Spy is like day 67… let them babies get they swole on man. Plenty of time. If it comforts u somewhere on his journal we guessd if he gets 2.5 grams a nugget he’d pull enough to be happy… i think we undersold it by about3-5 grams per nugget :joy::joy: scroll back n see. He had little golfballs everywhere


I would definitely divide them up, especially if wanting to add more.


Hey Redeye, I can assure you, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you scrog. I’d almost be willing to say your right scrog is probably taller that mine, if not, it will be. Mine is a WW so maybe it doesn’t grow as tall as maybe another strand. Right now my tallest bud is maybe only 5 a 6 inches. But, they are still producing buds like yours did, it’s just the are laid out instead of standing upwards. My two main colas go under and over the wire but still has a long bud. It’s just that it’s laid down instead of up. Your too, is a perfect example of a scrog!
Your scrog will slowly fill in and get more definition over time. GRAT JOB!! :+1:t2: :sunglasses: