First grow purple haze


This doesn’t create too much pressure when watering? That is a sprayer correct?


Sprayer is no problem just put a few stones on top of dirt to take the force of the spray and not directly disrupting dirt


Twist nosel head for a mist spray and/or just don’t pump it up a billion times :rofl::joy::rofl: the rocks or a perlite cover helps if ya get overspray. It’s also great because you get a nice, even, slow soak. Harder to overwater the plant as well.


Dude you got all the tricks in the bag…


I use a 2.5 gal sprayer and I remove the nozzle so only a gentle flow comes out. Its perfect for watering the pots in the back and under the net.


Ahhhh yess good idea nozle off does do a slow trickle as well I remember that vividly now


Saturday October 13 day 135 from sprout day 72

Nothin happened today. Gonna cut another 1/3 off of mid and back in the morning. Some of the short buds on the bottomsof the ladies are fatter than the tops


And a bunch of legs

Have a good Sunday :v:


Man… i lick my lips and drool over your ladies… those buds at the bottom do look chunky. And the veg space as always is crowded. But thats a good problem to have.

And anyone that believes you still count as a noob is as gullible as me. You’ve graduated before our eyes man…


Thanks Purp but I’ll be a noob for a while yet


I want to see some scrog pictures.


Friday October 19 141 days from sprout

It’s been a few days so this might be long. Harvested all the plants 2 days ago. Manicured and jarred the few tops that were in the closet and filled it again.

This one of seven that look the same off the small main

Lonely in there…

…but only for 2 days. IDK when I put those mains in the armoire but they needed to be moved badly so I had to rearrange everything again. Took the large clone and put it in the flower room and everything else is in the veg enclosure


Fed and watered veg. These are the OUTS from most of them

Fed the SCROGS

If there’s more I’ll have to remember it tomorrow. I’m beat! :v:


nice! I love drying and curing. Looks like youve got your system rotation going!


I would try and do a RO flush to try and drop your TDS down a bit…


Figuring it out as I go. Manicuring sure does suck though. Takes forever


Awesome! That’ll keep you busy for a while! Congrats!


No wonder you haven’t updated, you’re too busy. Everything looks perfect.


Sweet! Amazing haul man! You gon need a BIG A$$ scale


Looks to me like you figured it out! Great job!


Thanks guys. Yall are too kind.
Been super busy. Growing and remodeling all hours of the day. Gotta work on my day off tomorrow but I’ll try and catch up with everyone but that’ll be a chore all in its own

Thanks again for your compliments. :v:


Uh oh, looks like my thread is responsible for your overtime. Sorry, we had a party.