First grow purple haze


Sunday September 16 day 108 from sprout day 45 from flip

Fed today. Got my pH back in line but ppms are pretty high. 500 of that is tap water and pH adjuster

Group pic

Took most of the dead and almost dead off of the small main. They no longer work here.
Before and after

Took her out for glamor shots

Clones got fed too

The baby main is already getting those weird lookin leaves from reverting back from flower

Bushy babies

The mamas are droopy right before bed

I didn’t take pics but I topped 3 of the Clones in the armoire to get ready for mainlining
Took pics of trichs without the scope this time

I’m a bit worried about not having enough fan leaves to last to harvest but the ones I took were no longer worth keeping. Does anyone share my concern?


I think you’ll be ok. Some people strip all the fan leaves (except for the ones at the top) at 2-3 weeks into flower. Supposed to help create bigger buds. A few vids on YouTube about that. Called a preflower strip I believe. I actually did that with my mother plant just to test the theory. Seemed to work too. If it didn’t, it certainly didn’t diminish my yeild. @Redeyedranger


I’ve read something similar. Big trim right before flip and again at the end of week 3 but I’m a little late


Dude, you’re good :wink:. My plants are pretty bare of fan leaves at the end of flowering. Actually, I keep them pretty trim all the way through flower. :crazy_face::v:


I wouldn’t sweat that too much. Are they still spitting out yellow leaves, or is that still old stuff?


Don’t worry, I strip all my fan leaves off in flower. You’ll be fine.



If it makes you feel better once any shoot grows out 1/4 to 1/2” I cut off the fan leaves and I cut off throughout the veg and flowering. It also cuts down on trim time also because they are already removed


I do that from underneath. I don’t necessarily remove all of them, but it’s easier to see which ones aren’t getting light anyway.


It was just the older leaves. The bigger ones closer to the top are going pale but all the small new growth is dark green and healthy.


Thanks everybody I feel better about it now :relieved:


Sounds pretty similar to other issues people had using notg with the qb’s.


What did you mean to type


That’s what I meant to type. Just making correlation that it’s hard to keep up with feeding.


Dreamy @Redeyedranger Dreamy facepunch


Your gals look great! Awesome light penetration. Even the lower buds look fairly developed.


Thanks man. Love the lights @dbrn32 really hooked me up


Monday September 17 day 109 from sprout day 46 after flip

Today I had an awesome ah-ha moment. That wonderful smell from the buds was so familiar to me but I couldn’t figure it out for the life of me until I read it on a thread. They smell just like fruity pebbles. Guy nailed it.

First. Group pic

I mostly messed with the clones today but I pulled the middle plant out in the light and trimmed a few leaves. This is one of the two I pretty much left alone. Only 1 top each I think

In the veg room
The left one is more than 3x3 now

The one on the right is barely 2x2 but bushier than all get out. She had 4 and 5 leaves stacked on one another. Literally everywhere. Worked on trimming and lst for about two hours and can’t really tell a difference



And trichs

Third pic looks like an embryo.


Sweet! bottle rockets they are. Trichs looks clear to me. Patience…


Few milky trichs there. Your probably 2 weeks to finish line


Getting close bud! Be patient, you will be rewarded!