First grow purple haze


Friday August 10 day 71 from sprout day 8 after flip

They’re still stretching pretty good. I raised the light about 6 inches today. Its getting really crowded in there. I contacted arrow about my drivers and they basically said be patient but the estimated ship date was Monday the 6th so yes I’m getting impatient :persevere:

The big clones got some water today. I just pHed the tap water @ 6.1 and the ppm was 490. The one on the left still has an out of 7.4 but it looks healthy
The clones I planted yesterday look terrible…like dead droopy. I threw some domes on them and will check em in the morning. They both look like this


Sorry…I was referring to the aloe plant itself. It seems like I read the aloe was only medicinal a week after you water it. Does that sound familiar or did I get that somewhere else?


I’d like to know the answer to this one myself.


My mom swore by breaking off a piece and rubbing it on a burn, regardless of watering. FWIW


@Redeyedranger, I water my aloe all the time, medicinal properties still there , no worries my friend, water away


Appreciate ya @Mrcrabs you da man :facepunch:


Sorry for the wait on your driver - but your girls are still thriving! What Grow space are you building? And I would do some LST on the bigger clones to keep them out of the light and slow their growth a little bit.


Thanks @Momtomask quote=“Momtomask, post:730, topic:20031”]
What Grow space are you building?

I’m using a 10x12 room :crazy_face: just painted everything flat white, boarded up the windows, and hung all the chains that hold the lights. I still have to buy an air conditioner, dehumidifier, and cut holes in the wall and ceiling where the intake and exhaust go but it’s really close to being ready. I’m pretty excited :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

They’re kinda hard to work with where they are but that’s good idea. I’ll try to get them out without breaking anything lol!
…that’s not really funny I usually break plant parts :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Thanks for the advice hopefully they won’t be in there much longer :wink:


Got er done @Momtomask thanks for the suggestion :kissing_heart:
IDK if it’s LST or HST but I supercropped the crap out of both of em :man_farmer: that ought to slow em down a little :wink:

The new clones are looking much better today. I think it was the domes.
The one in the orange cup is a major “branch” that broke off of Crash a couple days ago :weary: She ran right into the fan :roll_eyes: I’m going downstairs later to do some aloe-monstercropping. Hope all goes well :crossed_fingers: I’ll do pics too and post again :v:


Okay…here we go. My attempt at monstercropping:
I chose the big mainliner bc it’s my strongest plant by far. I was gonna do these 2 but I took some lower smaller ones instead

Then I put the soil in the pot
I know you’re not supposed to use coco water for clones without roots but I cheated a little and used it anyway :joy:
That’s a can of coco water in the middle. Filled around it with the organic potting soil. Then in a separate bucket I mixed 50/50 coco husk and perlite and used it to fill the hole after putting the trimming in.
Cut at a 45 and scraped the skin
Stuck it in some aloe for a minute
Put it in the hole (with the stake), absent the aloe chunk, held it up and poured in the 50/50
And repeat. Then domed em up

Did a little trimming and bending to spread her out
Might do some more in a few days :yum:
@skyroo1029 this was the mainline I tied down and spread out


Clones looking a lot better with domes, keep up the good work.


Just followin your lead :+1:


You’re doing an amazing job, you sure do have a green thumb.


Put it in flower! I want to see BUDS!!!


Saturday August 11 day 72 from sprout day 9 from flip

They’re just growin. The mainline looks weird in there with a big hole in the middle

They’re all tucked in and ready for bed


These girls are looking absolutely AMAZING! Dude that thumb is looking greener and greener. Clones looking lovely. And the mainlines are still :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Looking good @Redeyedranger Mine is a one & done grow for a bit. I considered maybe trying some autos after, but I’m trying to leave by March, lease is May but trying to buy… I know ours were about the same age, so I’m watching, I’m still in veg. I keep pushing it back and changing stuff. Kinda trying scrog, I dunno, just experimenting. Ive supercropped and topped so much, they’re lil short baby bushes… Man, you got alot going on with a new light build, room build, clones; jump right in brother, you seem like a natural.


Thanks purp and chief. You guys are so nice and supportive and are much appreciated.
It is a lot of work but its fun and I like trying new things. I think its the quality of the ILGM seeds more than my abilities. They kinda grow themselves. They just take a lot of time. It takes me 2 hrs just to water! Being high and forgetting what I’m doing half the time doesn’t help either lol! :wink: :v:


So… @dbrn32 got this email today

IDK if you remember but there were 4 of those drivers. I called and they’re still gonna give me the 30% off. I have no idea what to replace them with. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated :pray:


You’re going to be running 120v power right?