First grow purple haze


Hey they are yo plants :man_shrugging:t5: I cant stop ya


Have you noticed how dry the medium is?!


Wednesday July 11 41 days from sprout.

The other clone had a root at the bottom this morning so I transplanted it too. They’re both under the blurple now. Watered them in with distilled water.

Watered and fed the others today and the numbers look weird. Seems they’re doing opposite of last time.
PH IN 6.5
PH OUT 6.7
PPM OUT 1456
ppm is a high hope they don’t burn


looking great @Redeyedranger! mine seems to be a bit yellow to me. yours are lush green! im hoping i got the right lighting. maybe switching to 20/4 schedule will restore that green color I’m used to when growing outdoors.


I think it’s just bc it was in that soil. It’ll green back up :wink:


Your PPMs are a little high, but just keep an eye on the leaf tips, if they start looking burnt you can do a little mini flush. They look excellent though.


Thanks for checking in @raustin and thank you for the tip :wink:


Thursday July 12 42 days from sprout

No nute burn :sweat_smile: :unamused: I did forget to turn the light back on after adjusting the hight :angry: lost about 6 hrs.
They had a long nap and a growth spurt. Lots of new green growth came in and a couple inches taller. Had to adjust canopy hight again today. Looks a little Cooter Brown but it does the job. Also added a couple more stakes bc of the stretch.


@Vexer my attempt at bend is the 3rd from bottom


Wow! They are really looking good! I definitely would not even begin to worrie about them being big or small! They have their own characteristics and personality. And your plants my friend are looking great!
BTW, tomorrow is picture day. Love that day! I’ll post some pictures of last week and this week.
Gota love it!! :sunglasses:


Thanks @spyonyou can’t wait to see those pics :smiley:


they are looking gorgeous @Redeyedranger!


Friday July 13 43 days from sprout

They’re drinking faster now. They looked a little dry this morning and some stems are turning red so I watered just now.
2 gallons distilled water
2 tsp. Cal-mag
1/2 tsp. Super thrive
PH IN 6.25
PPM IN 363
PH OUT 6.45
The 3 bigger ones drank it all the 2 smaller did not so they will need to dry out longer.


Got some pics up @Drillbit


not yet. still waiting for data on the 17th. I was able to post a couple of pics on the 11th cause I happened to be close to someone else’s WiFi. lol


What kind of soil are you using @Redeyedranger?


I’ll tell you what, they all look great but the one in the top picture, in the middle (mainlined) makes my mouth water!! :yum: :sunglasses:


To be honest @Redeyedranger I’ve just trimmed off 100 leaves off mine and they are still way bigger and bushier than all of yours! Unsure why but your plants are small for their age! Almost 2 months old and look at them…


You always negative bro?
Maybe its just because you’re such a bad ass grower. Congratulations on your plants. Hope it works out well for you


I think they look good and healthy! They will grow slower the more training that’s applied to them @Humanclone because they need time to recover after each round of training. Looking good @Redeyedranger! Keep em green pal :v: