First grow purple haze

I’m out of likes but it’s looking good brother! I like how you got your clones setup. Very good thinking. Keep on killing it man. I’m really leaning towards a soil grow for my auto. What kind of soil are you using? @Redeyedranger

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@Noctis420 just regular organic soil. IMO it was the best one I could find at Walmart if that says anything :v:

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Haha okay was just curious @Redeyedranger

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Have clones rooted yet ?@Redeyedranger

Nothin yet on the clones. Knocked one over today. Looked like it did when I cut it

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Looks like you did a great job on that mainlining.


@Redeyedranger have you got any updated pics?

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Thanks @raustin I just blindly followed direction and I’m hoping for the best :crossed_fingers: :no_mouth:

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Sunday 7/1 31 days from sprout

Still vegn. Not much goin on :neutral_face: I reFIMed the first one I cut cuz it looked like I didn’t quite get it all. I didnt get a before pic sorry @itsjustbegun.
Here they are coming along super slowly.

I still have to bend the main branches down. I bought some soft wire today

The one I FIMed twice

And Crash

And Tuff

Clones are the same


Wow they are huge! Can you measure how tall they are in cms?


@itsjustbegun the 2 mainliners stems were cut at 7.62 cm the canopy tops are 10.16 and 12.7 cm. The tallest plant in the middle is 12.7 cm and the shortest, Tuff, is 10.16 at canopy hight. The other is tied down so… :joy: :sunglasses:

Conversion 3, 4, and 5 inches :wink:

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@Redeyedranger @itsjustbegun @raustin

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@Humanclone first welcome to ILGM and your plants look great but there might be a little Nitrogen deficiency showing on your leafs. Do you know how to start your very own thread which would be a really good idea if you would like some help please just ask the people here will go above and beyond to help :v:️. @garrigan62 how are you Sir hope you are doing well, maybe you could help move our new member. :+1:


He now has his own thread.


I’m all out off likes thank you my friend :v:️.


Any time my friend


You a true Gentleman :100:

Monday 7/2 32 days from sprout.

Well from other grows I’ve been watching purple haze starts out really slow so I guess I’m right on track :roll_eyes:
Started bending today. I was scared but it went pretty smoothly. Just gotta top the 2 main colas when they get to 4 nodes (should b soon like another day or 2) and do a trim a few days later and then it’s all downhill from there. No more major shock, I hope :crossed_fingers:


Still not sure about the FEMs? Don’t know what they’re supposed to look like? :unamused:

Clones look the same. No pics. Sorry


Have your new tops emerged yet? Can’t quite see, what are you trying to achieve by making plant look T shaped? I know stressing a plant can cause growth but it could possibly be pointless at this stage/size of plant/s? @Redeyedranger

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@Humanclone the 2 new tops are the “branches” I bent down. I will soon top those 2 to make 4 colas or branches. Also I will let the first node on the 2 main “branches” grow out and strip the 2nd.
The T shape is to try and maintain a level canopy that will eventually/hopefully support a total of 8 giant buds or colas. The idea behind cutting all the underneath stuff is to divert all the plants energy into just making those 8 colas.
It’s a training technique called mainlining or manifolding. I’m not doing a very good job of explaining so it would be more beneficial to look it up :v:

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