First Grow. Pure Indica. Do my Trichomes look ready?

I didn’t track when I planted or switched to 12/12… but I’ve been lucky and I think my little lady is about ready. How close am I to harvest? She is Pure Indica Feminized from ILGM. These are from the top buds.

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When the trichomes are clear, it is premature. When the heads of the teichomes turn milky, they are at they peak potency. Then they turn amber after that, which signals the thc deteriorating. I say your trichomes look clear, so give her more weeks and keep checking.

still clear.

Another 4 weeks to harvest , keep feeding and watering , you doing good .

Really good pictures, post more as the trichomes cloud, then go amber.

This is the hardest part of the grow…waiting the last 4 weeks, but the rewards are there.

Days feel like weeks, weeks feel like months.

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You want to see at least a good 10-15 Amber ones and your pistils mostly brownish and starting to curl , but if your pistils still are mostly white and stretching , your buds are still growing , just keep it on cruise control and buckle up , the wait is worth the reward on both ends , quality and quantity !!!

Thanks for the input. I didn’t think I had 4 weeks to go! Most of the pistols are curled back towards the buds, but it is still making a few white pistols.

I do have a few other questions. The plant’s leaves have developed small brown spots that have spread. The leaves are crispy and dry too. A couple of the leaves have turned a little yellow, but I don’t think it is due to fall flowering. I haven’t lost any leaves since the start of flowering.

Next question. I was trying to grow an autoflower, but I confirmed a couple of bag seeds sprouted that were previously planted in the pot. I placed them under flower schedule to see if they would stay in veg (proving to be the auto seed). Both are beginning to flower. One is in a good size pot and is tall and doing nicely. The other wasn’t as healthy during veg and didn’t grow very tall. The short one is in a pot that is too small for it. Can I repot it without causing it harm? I’d like to grow it out if possible, but I have another Pure Indica that will flower about the same time, so I’m not too concerned if I should cull it. I don’t have room in my veg box to put it back.

I’ll keep an eye on the trichomes and I’ll post more pics as they change.

Looking forward to the pics, real clear, real nice looking

NNNOOOOOOOOOOO Definitely Not ,depending on the stain it should start to cloudy in 1 to 2 weeks , and when i say cloudy i mean like watery milk .once that happens ,Depending strain it’ll start to turn to amber . some will go from very clear like yours , too red no amber at all . hope this helps . PS. your picts are excellent what did you use ??

Its a toy called Eyeclops.


I bought a couple USB microscopes for around 20 bucks ea. That is a nice one. Most people will not pay 120 bucks for a microscope, but that is nice :slight_smile:

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Id, pay it lol I usually pay high dollar for my stuff lmao I’m not cheap, hard to be cheap when you wanna invest in the best out there, can I ask for a link where you got it lol

My wife bought it for me years ago when we were still dating. She said she paid about $80 for it at the time.

Lol that was for latewood but I’ll try and fine one with equal resolution, thank you for the input I’ll look tomorrow

I just cut out a half dozen bananas. I need to harvest now right? Won’t I just keep getting more?
Here are today’s trichomes. I see some amber, but a lot of clear too.

I have other plants that have just started flowering.

amber and clear.
maybe the light is making it difficult to see cloudy? there is a purplish hue to pics.

as i understand it…they go amber after cloudy. not just from clear to amber.

either way, according to ILGM guide:

Amber and Cloudy Trichomes
This is a bit later than the absolute peak time for the greatest amount of potency, but only because the buds have slightly less THC and more CBN. If you are looking for a more relaxing, anxiety-reducing high, then this could actually be the perfect time for you to harvest. This high is more narcotic and often results in a “couchlock” result. You will be able to identify this stage when 70 to 90 percent of all the hairs have darkened.

Your close if your looking for couch lock i’d wait just a few more days.byou got amber maybe 25% or so.

Be patient your almost there


how likely would it pollinate my other plants? I switched them to 12/12 on Christmas. They are all showing pistols.

if you don’t remove that hermie your going to ruin your crop. Anyone here will tell you the same thing
Why take a chance