First Grow Progress - Advice or Comments

This is my first grow ever and using seeds purchased here. Both are 38 days into veg using LST and Scrog. Soil is happy frog. Plants are in 10 gal pots (maybe overkill but first time and wanted to error on side of caution). Started using advanced nutrients jungle juice grow & micro when plants were 7 days old. Watering with 1/3 to 1/4 strength notes every other watering. Using filtered water and keeping PH in the 5.5 range. Larger plant is sour diesel and smaller is strawberry kush (so is baby in background, she’s 21 days old today).

Lighting is 600w MH on 18/6 schedule. Screen is 3’ x 2’ w/ 2 1/2" squares and is adjustable for height. Based on the diesels size I think I’m going to have to flip to flower pretty soon due to the stretch I hear they will have.

Only have the one area so don’t have the luxury of keeping the others in veg a bit longer.

Anyway thanks to Robert for the awesome seeds and to everyone else for posting so newbies like me can learn.

Any advice or constructive critism is welcomed!

They look great! Only thing I would comment on is your pH. It should be at 5.8 and not 5.5. I like your SCROG net build, could you show more pictures of it! I made a nice SCROG net myself, but didn’t figure out how I wanted to place it over my plants. I haven’t built legs for it yet, but I like your design.

This shows the basic configuration. Using elbows on the bottom(under dirt) to connect the 4 pieces in the pot for stability. Thumb screws allow me to adjust up or down 14". Screen is string so easy to cut and restring for another grow. Main reason I did it this way is so I can move the entire pot and screen goes with it… Makes it easier to access plants from all angles since grow room is not huge.

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I love it! I’ll keep that in mind as I figure out a set of legs for my own SCROG net

After 42 days in veg flipped to flower. This is 1 week into flower and still growing. Hoping they will fill screens before done…

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nice job keep pull back down though screen let them grow out not up keep tuckin them at about 2 half week let them grow up stop tucking:v:

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Yea I would say you can keep tucking them to fill your screen more