First grow problems uk

Hi, I have a few questions about my plant.
Firstly, I am doing an outdoor grow in northern europe with a fast flowering strain. I was wondering if I need to cover my plant up for 12 hours to get it to flower or will it do it automatically with the daylight hours going down?
Secondly, I have these marks on my leads and cant diagnose them. Also, purple veins on the stems of the effected leaves.
Thanks in advance for any help.

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I can upload more pics of the effected leaves/plant if needed.

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Looks like a pest. Find some spinosad it’s a bacteria that kills bugs but doesn’t hurt us.
In the US we have captain jacks dead bug. Might be something similar with the same active ingredient there.

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Did the leaves grow in looking strange or did they grow in normally and then deteriorate?

They deteriorated I think as some others dont look as bad.
Edit. Sorry mate I’d be guessing.

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Do you know what it could be either if they grew dodgy or deteriorated?

If they grew in weird, that would rule out pests. I’ve never had anything eat leaves like that, but it doesn’t look nutrient related. I was just trying to narrow it down a little, if possible.

Welcome to the community! With daylight hours shortening your photo plant will start flowering on its own. I would start looking for bugs , looks like something’s been munching on your leafs.

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What seeds are these and what’s the source?

Candy kush fast flowering and what do you mean by what source?

Thanks, I will check. If I find them, do you recommend anything to deter/kill them?
Also, if it has starting to go into flowering, will it still be an 8 week flowering period or would it be different for an outdoor grow?
Another thing. How will I know when week one is?

What seedbank and breeder did you use?

Yes, it could be 8 week flowering some strains take longer than others. Your breeders guide will give you an estimated time. When you say Fast flowering I’m assuming you’re speaking of autos. I start Counting day one when I see the white pistols. Outside grow they will start flowering when the days get shorter, and depending on what area you’re in you may have a month or so longer to finish than others. To me it’s important to pick a strain that fits the climate an the area that you’re located for outside grow.

I’m guessing it’s Royal Queen. Did you germinate the seed with any other seeds? How sterile was the germination? Did you reuse medium or plant in a bed cannabis, lettuce, or tobacco was recently in?

I have a notion of what could be happening here, but I don’t want to freak you out over nothing. Hopefully it’s a pest, as others have guessed.

Kellydans, yeah it is 8 week flower and no not auto. It’s called candy kush Express with is photo but shorter lived which will be better to uk conditions so it can finish before the bad weather. So it may not be 8 weeks then from the longest day? There aren’t any white pistols yet.
Keystone cops. Yes RQS. And I germinated with my auto which is healthy as. Used new medium, fresh nutes, and washed out the pot thoroughly before planting.
Thanks everyone for helping me out! Great community.

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Have you scouted the plant at dusk and after dark? My garden hosts completely different fauna throughout the 24hr cycle. I try to check top and underside of leaves all over the plant throughout the day.

I havent been checking them lately as I’ve been crazy busy and she’s defo suffered from the neglect. I will now be checking every evening now more thorough. If I do find bugs on there, what would be my next step. I’m trying to grow organically as a can so dont want to really be spraying her up too mad with loads of pesticides.

We’re of the same mind on pest management.

It can be really hard to get a good photo of a living bug. Traps and active collection are really useful, since you can take your time to photograph the dead specimen from all angles and under good light.

You can make traps using plastic cups, soda bottles, and various poisons. By poison, I mean mild stuff like alcohol or just soapy water. Please don’t bait with anti-freeze, since it will attract and kill mammals.

There’s a device called an aspirator, which you can make using hardware store supplies. Basically, it’s a rigid tube with a flexible hose leading to a gauzed mouthpiece. With the end of the long hose in your mouth, you hold the pipe up to the bug and suck. Then you blow out to deposit them in a container. Alcohol is good for killing the bugs.

Once you know what you’re dealing with, we can figure out the next step. Still, you should look online to see what pests are present in your area, and preventatively treat for them. If this is a bug, my gut says some kind of worm. Can you buy organic BT?

Scout the area around your plants too. Those other things are harbors for bugs. Remember that not all bugs are bad. Better to identify the critters before wiping them out.

Edit: You can probably use a baster or a hand held vac to grab the bugs. I’ve tried clear tape, and it never worked.

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Ok thanks for your help. I’m just out here now and have seen this on a couple of big fan leaves… any guesses?

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I’ve been sitting on my hunch for a bit. Since I’m not an expert, I think we should exhaust the pest avenue before I start speculating. You should be integrating pest management into the grow anyway. We’ll come back to my amateur hunch later.