First grow please help

Strain; Northern Lights
Soil in pots, Hydroponic
PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? 5.5 - 6.5
What is strength of nutrient mix? NA
Indoor or Outdoor Light system, size? 4x4 grow booth in outdoor shed, 2 300W LED
Temps; Day 85-95 F Night 58-75 F
Humidity; Day 50%-70%, Night 40%-60%
Ventilation system; Yes, Size 6" duct fans
AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, No AC and just purchased a small dehumidifier
Co2; Yes

Hello everyone, I started to grow 4 plants. One of them never made it past 3 inches tall but the others seemed to be doing ok until a couple weeks ago and I started seeing this orange splotches on the leaves (starts on the bottom leaves and works its way to the top). Also the fan leaves on the outside of the plants look ok (except for the ones in the pic) but close to the stock there a lot of small drooping leaves (normal?). Additionally I have some stems that are red and purple.

I realize the daytime temps as stated are crazy high but its not practical to install AC at this time.

I hope you guys can give me some direction because I didn’t see anything like this in the diagnostic pictures on the main site.

Thanks in advance

Temp too high
Temp range to big
Check temp of water it should be around 70 degrees or less (someone can add to that)
Ph range to big need less than 6.2 greater than 5.5

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Looks like nute burn and lockout. You need to get a reading on your TDS in and keep the temps down on your reservoir. What do the roots look like, what nutes are you using, what preventative measures for algae control etc. Your ph is off and possibly the meter should be calibrated.

It’s not too late but let’s get some hydro experts involved.

@ktreez420, @garrigan62, @Majiktoker

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Im a soil grower, what I do know for hydro if algae is building its likely because light may be getting to the root zone as well as having warm res temperatures and ph should be 5.8

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The guys got you covered here, but just to reiterate;

ideal pH range for hydro is 5.5-6.0
Your temps are high, you want your daytime temps below 85, ideally from 72-79F
like @Myfriendis410 asked, we need to know what nutrients and additives you’re using in the reservoir.


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Wow thanks for the quick responses 8). I am using General Hydroponics Flora Grow, Micro, and Bloom series nutes. The roots on the are all white with no slime so I think they are good. PH I try to stay at 5.5 - 6.0 however it ramps up pretty much every day. I have a Rozway digital PH meter that I just re-calibrated but if you guys know of a more accurate meter please let me know. I just ordered a dehumidifier and hope that helps bringing down the humidity. As far as the Temp, I can’t do much about that but just an idea…can you put a few ice cubes in the reservoir to bring the temp down (My reservoirs are 5 gal buckets) or would that screw things up more? As far as Algae, there is a small amount on some of the clay stones but nothing in the water. I have black buckets and lids so light doesn’t go into the reservoir. I do give the reservoirs a shot of API CO2 booster every couple days.

I ordered a TDS meter but won’t be in for a few day’s and will respond when I have a reading.

Again I appreciate the responses, you guys are great.

Put some water bottles in the freezer. Enough that you can rotate them out as they warm up.

cool thanks alot I’ll try that.

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I recommend the Apera pH meter they’re a good company with very good customer service. I love it too, it don’t need to worry about calibrating all the time because it actually holds the calibration accurately for a long time!



Just to be funny - Grow in COCO or Dirt - i dont do hydro but felt like just havin some fun

That is it - I am going to grow in water just to master it


thanks for the advise, I’ll look into it.

I’ll check it out thanks alot

@Gravmar also you could run your day cycle at night when its cooler in your house and night when its day and hotter. At least that’s what I do and seems to be working good so far I am running 18/6 veg.

P.S it looks a bit moist in there be careful not to get mold growth.

@ktreez420 is quite experienced you should get in contact with him and check out his YouTube channel from his profile he has some massive hydro roots.


Actually I’m currently on 24hr light for Veg. Is this a problem?

You could run 18/6 and result with a cool down period. Also the girls do most of their growth at night. Day is food production and energy collection.

I did read somewhere that you don’t want your cool down period to get lower then 20-25 degrees of your daytime temp. Which I believe is called the swing. So a range between 55f to 80f. No higher and no lower. 70-75 is great though as I’ve also seen experts that said lower temps aid in bigger yields.

Also I lost the article though the red stems are perfectly ok, just a result of high magnesium and sulfur if I remember right and nothing to worry about.

Ps you may want to look into getting a PPM tester, as it would seem you may be running your nutes a bit rich, and that could result in nutrient lock out stunting their growth.

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First off you need to get rid of drip ring your medium is too wet in hydro like soil you can drown your plant the media on top should be dry to prevent algea bacteria and pests. The drip ring is meant to get your roots into nutrient solution after that no more need for it your root head and trunk don’t like to be soaked.
Secondly you should always know your Ph when asked not a range but what is it if you don’t and are guessing an average based on large fluctuations like you describe you have a likely case of root rot or are not adding nutrients in correct levels?
Third you should be able to say last feed I gave them 5ml this 10ml that or even tsp some of us can do the math and estimate your ppm with just knowing what product and how much :wink:
Your temps are way too high so likely your res temp is too a res over 72f is just an invite for rot bacteria and has low oxygen all of which will kill or severely damage your plants.

Basic rules of hydro PH is king 5.8 ±.3
know your PPM/TDS or EC at every res change
keep your nutrient solution between 66-72f higher or lower and plants will hate it.

Hydro is very effective way to grow but takes practice and proper equipment as well as attention to details done well plants grow at almost double the rate of soil. Done wrong they can die in a matter of days

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I’m with you my friend,coir or soil for me