First grow (please help)

A friend recently gave me this plant (he told me that it’s around 1 month old) but I’m afraid I don’t know how to take care of it, could someone help me out please?

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Welcome to ILGM!

Don’t worry you have come to the right place. Tons of people on here with such a vast amount of knowledge, you’re in good hands.

First thing is first- we will need to know what your basic plans are for growing the plant.

Indoor or outdoor?
Do you know what kind of soil it is in?
How committed are you to the grow (how much are you willing to spend?) There is a ton of great stuff out there you can buy to help along but costs can add up quickly.

Let’s use that as a starting place and go from there


It is indoors, it has loamy soil but i do not want to spend very much money taking care of it.

If it’s indoors. What type of lighting do you plan on using?

How much are you willing to spend? Growing MJ indoors requires some investment!


Welcome to ILGM!

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Maybe 250 max

Natural? I don’t really understand the need of artificial light

your plant is tall and spindly because it hasn’t gotten enough light. They need a reasonable amount of light more than 12 hours a day or they will start to flower.

She also needs a bigger pot and some good soil and some nutrients. You will need a pH meter. pH Up and Down, calibration fluid. And most likely some artificial lighting. You can get an inexpensive 300 watt LED on eBay for about $100

Also when they start flowering they start smelling and everyone that lives within 100 feet of you is gonna know it’s there unless you use a filter and a fan to control the smell. If you really want to keep the smell contained, you will need a grow tent.

Obviously there is much to learn!

You might want to spend some time reading around the forum.




Do you live in a legal state?

If so, the most inexpensive way to grow your plant will be outdoors. You can do that well within your budget.

If not, growing indoors can be really expensive to get started. Prepare to be in the $500 to $800 range.

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