First grow -please assist

Ok, i got this delievered today, what numbers am i looking for to be in proper range. And if not in proper range how do i get it there

I got a meter today, what numbers are ideal , if mine are not right how do i get them there

Sorry what is your soil again? When was the last time you watered? Did you feed with that water as well? And how old are the plants?

Soild is miracle frow regular with 25 ٪ coco coir and a cup of pearlite in 3 gal fibre pots

Last watered wednesday,no nutes just 6.5 ph water

If they “need” water you are gonna want to water enough so you get run off. 20% is what I do. Also go nice and slow. Then check what the PPM of the run off is and we can go from there.

Soil should be fairly dry then.

Yes they are pretty dry, i did some water tests with this meter, out of tap or ‘hard’ is 340, my R.O. water and delivered bottled water bott test at 20-20, ph7 on all

Want advice on watto do on todays water

Actually my sool moisture meter says is perfect right bow, so i should let go another day or to eh ?

Just checked my soild moisture with a meter says is perfect tight now, room conditions temp 74 at 69 %RH. Have a cloudline duct

fan that helps regulate RH.

Looks like the yellow is fading, still some on plant closes in pic but looking better

When you do water you want your PH at 6.5 going in. What have you been using RO or Tap?

What QB are you running?

Been running the RO or delivered bottled only, no tap watter, i reduce ph to 6.5. I have hlg 260w XL qb288 for light.

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Sorry im so late here. But yes with soil you def wanna be at 6.5. Also have did you measure ppms of feeding water before u applied? Then runoff after. Need ppms and ph.

Also that yellow lady either looks N hungry or like she had a pH issue. But as stated its not getting worse. Keep that range in between 6.3-6.8 and ppms around… 800? How many weeks?

About 6‐8 weeks from Germ, mid to late April

Gonna water this eve, will do my first test of this. I have my plants in fibre growning bags. If understanding correctly, water to run off and test the runoff, but in these bags will need gallons of ph reduced water to do this for my 4 plants going, sound right, also never really had much or any runoff , few seepage drops on side but thats it. 3 gal pots, soil mix is miracle grow regular, with about 25٪ coco-coir and some perlite.

Got general hydo nutes, got a nute schedule that was coco coir heavy-75٪, but think may be hot with the miracle gro in the soil and only 25 ٪ coco coir. Not sure how to get proper level of nutes with out burning or turning things yellow, curling leaf tips etc. My qb288s are about 18 inches from plant tops.need advice on this whole section specifically ASAP.

I can understand your worries. I didnt wanna alarm u with the ‘Death to MG speech!!’ But the pooch already has been screwed. Also before any option Id want to check ppms of water before and runoff after before moving forward.

Option A: Of course you arent in flower so you could definitely transplant into a more canna friendly soil. This late along FFOF or something full of amendments wpuldnt hurt… but transplant stress will likely occur as well. Couple days of wilting and lazy branches. Root inoculatants and vitamins help here. Buy them. @Mrcrabs is the aloe guy. Not sure if it in ur soil will grow aloe plants so :man_shrugging:t5::man_shrugging:t5:

Option B: again a good option seeing as you arent in flower… flush the N out of A! She will get a good full dose of it. But 10-15 gallons of 6.5 water per 3 gall plant may get it done. May take more, may less. MG soil remember.

Option C: Do nothing! If the ppm’s show u the N release is neglectable. I wouldnt budge neither. HCG (@highcountrygal) grows great bud with MG. She may can encourage you or you could comb her journals and look for tips. But of every (clean) watering your ppms jump 200-300 ppms then… not really an option.

Long story short you have options but we need more variables. Do you have the soil bag? Or can u find an Amazon link?

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The lights @18 inches sound fine. Could inch them closer before flowering. I ran my 200w stripbuild about a foot as i got deep into veg and they got within 6-8 inches without lightburn at times

#1 watered, used R.O. comes out at 7.0, reduced ph to 6.3-6.5, ppm going in was 0032, run of ph slightly higher but still under 7, ppm on run off 334.