First grow -please assist

My nute water solution i reduce to at 6.5, by testing before i water, tested soil ph at root level, that is 7-7.5, depending on which. Also i have well water at outside faucet, a R.O. system inside, and delivered bottled water?Which is best to use, i heard conflicting information on that.

Your ph is way too high. 5-6! Need to get that dialed in a little better by any means necessary.

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Your runoff should be test for tds/ppm coming out of each plant. Can’t be sure what she’s taking in if you don’t know what’s coming out.

Get a tds meter also it going to help if you plan on having more has a ton.

You will most likely be told to give the yellows a good flush with water that is ph’d at about 5.0 and keep testing the runoff until the ph has become balanced (5-6) in both

I wish you all the best sorry I fell asleep on you I’ll check in later

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Most people prefer ro water or filtered water because it takes a lot of the minerals out giving them the ability to add the ones they want back in keeping the part per million (ppm) of minerals down on the end product.

I think for soil it’s a very delicate process so anything can screw you up especially your water.

R.O / filtered - has ability to have less ppm giving less likelihood of nute lock

Well water a ton of minerals and possibly sediment but more likely to not need ph balanced (atleast I’ve found from my experience) higher tds to start but for full bloom flowering I’m sure we’re all pushing rocket fuel anyhow

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I am opposite of the OP right now. My PH out is low so I am going in at 6.0 - 6.1 ish to get it back up to 5,8 which is the sweet spot for coco. Have you tested your well water? Mine has a high PH but only 170 PPM and that’s what I feed/water with. Also do you feed every watering or feed, water then repeat?

And most definitely get you a TDS meter. This is what I have and works well.


Thank you for the advice, ordering a meter, also growing in miracle grow regular with about 25% garden coir, and about a 1/4 cup perlite mix, in 3 gal fibre pots, think i need bigger pots, these seem to dry out to fast, by day 2 or 3 need to water. The nutes were being used according to the grow chart i had but looking at it, looks like was specs garden coir only , not a mix with miracle grow. Since miracle grow has some nutes already every time i water, adding the extras even with the mix recipe may be to hot. Using a qb288 xl for lighting, slow circulating fan at plant level, exhast/humidity control on exhaust, have no c02, can you recommend.?

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I fim so I keep my lights higher the. Normal to allow stretching to occur naturally. I fim maybe 3-4 times in the first two months.

Hlg 260 x2 at about 3ft high running as dimmed as possible for the first week. Then lower slowly while raising the intensity of the light over week 2 -3 to full blast when plants Bush out and can take it.

What does “fim” mean ? Please define and describe

Fim (fk I missed) comes from the old topping technique. Someone would go to top but just pinch or cut out the middle few leaves of the plant.

This makes the plant think it’s being attacked and cause it to produce a larger base area, also if done correctly can create more new main line branches.

Main line branches are ones that come up from the the trunk, as regular branches run horizontally from the trunk like you’d normally see


Also fim allows the plant to go into defensive mode and produces a growth hormone called auxin… when done correctly at the right time, the plant will hardly notice any shock and instead go into a growth spurt from the release of the hormone… just like pressure and stress can make people stronger beings. The same concept applies to plants.

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Ok, i got this delievered today, what numbers am i looking for to be in proper range. And if not in proper range how do i get it there

I got a meter today, what numbers are ideal , if mine are not right how do i get them there

Sorry what is your soil again? When was the last time you watered? Did you feed with that water as well? And how old are the plants?

Soild is miracle frow regular with 25 ٪ coco coir and a cup of pearlite in 3 gal fibre pots

Last watered wednesday,no nutes just 6.5 ph water

If they “need” water you are gonna want to water enough so you get run off. 20% is what I do. Also go nice and slow. Then check what the PPM of the run off is and we can go from there.

Soil should be fairly dry then.

Yes they are pretty dry, i did some water tests with this meter, out of tap or ‘hard’ is 340, my R.O. water and delivered bottled water bott test at 20-20, ph7 on all

Want advice on watto do on todays water

Actually my sool moisture meter says is perfect right bow, so i should let go another day or to eh ?