First grow plant problem

Hi Everybody,

I’m a first time grower and I just wanted to share and ask for your expertise on my current plants. I am not sure of the strains but its has been 2 months from seeds that I have given my time and effort for the ladies to grow.

Hope anyone can help me with my plant.

  • What strain, Seed bank, or bag seed : N/A
  • Method: Soil
  • Vessels: Pots,
  • PH of Water, Solution, runoff : PH - 6.3 PH Runoff - N/A
  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution : 700ppm
  • Indoor
  • Light system : 1000W LED
  • Temps; Day & Night : : 26-28 C
  • Humidity; Day, Night : N/A
  • Ventilation system; No
  • AC, Humidifier
  • Co2; No

Your Help is highly appreciated. Much Love.

What brand of soil? Most of the soils sold today r loaded with nutes. enough to last up to 6 weeks r more. What brand r u using for nutes? Do u have a quality PH meter, n a TDS, EC, n know how to calibrate n use them. Also what brand of LED u got burning above them, a lot of times the wattage listed isn’t what the light is actually generating. Get some air moving that will help with temp. and RH. Also some Cal-Mag might b n order from the look of things. Good Luck I’m sure u’ll get it figured out, there r to many people here willing to share n help…:crossed_fingers::v::v::+1::+1:.:alien:

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Hi there sorry for the late reply been busy with work. Thanks for replying on the post. Really appreciate it.

I am using some local brand of potting mix and nutes for general plants just because it’s hard to find those big brand products (fox farm, Botanicare, Happy Frog, etc.) where I’m from. At the moment I’m using an all purpose nutes with a NPK 20-20-20+TE (as stated on the label) as the ladies is in veg stage still. Will be using some bloom nutes for flowering and for Cal-Mag I used epsom salt for magnesium and some calcium only fertilizer provided from the local farm shop and I always check the readings using the PH and TDS meter when diluting it with water.

For the PH and TDS meter I bought it from the aquarium shop been using it beforehand for fishtank aquascaping and always gives me an accurate reading for waterchange. For the LEDs I think its some china brand. Good thing you mention about it as I’m planning to get a lux meter to measure the lux cause I also do not trust the labels on the LED packaging (hope i’m wrong).

After giving more attention towards the ladies I realized there’s some web on the ladies and after a closer look I have identified some spider mites on the plants. Now I’m planning to get some neem oil as I’ve read somewhere in this forum neem is effective for spider mites. There’s tons of neem products at the local farm shop so will be looking through all of it. Any recommendations for any brands of neem? Also is it advisable to cut away the affected fan leaves so it won’t spread more?

Any advice on this is highly appreciated. Much love.

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I remember my other half had put a camomile plant before in the grow tent with the ladies and maybe that’s where the Spidey mites came from?!? cause the ladies were growing like it was suppose to for the past 2 months or is it cause of the nutes or cal mag since its local brands? so many things that coulda gone wrong or I’m just panicking for no reason? hahaha

A spinosad product like capt jacks dead bug should clear up the mites but will take a few applications to eradicate them.
No need to remove all the mite laden leaves till you see how the spray works.
Have to spray top and bottom of leaves soaking / dripping wet at lights off so as not to burn the plants under lights.
Reapply every 3-4 days to let all the eggs hatch.
And it can be used right up till just before harvest without any adverse tastes or smells on your bud.

This is concentrated but you can get it premixed as well.
Good luck with them lil b tards. :+1:


Edit :

Very possible that’s the cause.
Always try to clean and quarantine any plants before putting in with your ladies.



Thanks for the advice. Will look for it at the shop. The little buggers affected most of the fan leaves and in the bushier parts I can see some webbings :face_vomiting: . Been visiting the forum to read up on tips and advice on grows and now finally started my first grow.

Really appreciate your reply and advice. Much Love.

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More than welcome my friend.

A 3 % peroxide and water mix 50/50 will help knock them down in the mean time till you can get the capt jacks. Also spray at lights out. :+1:
Also spray down the entire tent /area as they get everywhere. :roll_eyes:


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Thanks for the advice will spray when lights r out. Also do I leave the fan open or close it after I spray the ladies? :thinking:

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Leave the fan on after spraying.
It will help control some of the extra humidity buildup. :+1:

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3% peroxide n water will help fer sure, but I’ve used the capt jaks n it works, u gotta keep at it though. U gotta get every leaf top n bottom, get some latex gloves n massage every leaf, per instructions. The ladies ain’t going to like it, n they’ll let u know. @Oldguy sounds like he’s might have come across mites at some point. Nutes n cal mag being local, it boils down to the numbers, what percentage of N P K r u introducing, each feeding. Name brands r using the same minerals, if u decide to get some neem oil get whatever brand has an emulsifier n it. Otherwise the oil pools on top n makes a mess spraying it. Good Luck @Bloomer hope u get it done​:+1::+1: keep at it…:alien:

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