First Grow - Pineapple Express Mainline / Manifold Grow Diary

First time grower, long time photographer / videographer and I’ll be tracking this journey very closely, updating this as often as possible. Hopefully this grow journal ends up being as exciting a follow (and eventually watch) as it is for me.

5ft x 5ft Grow Tent - 6ft tall Vivosun (tallest I can fit)

4 Plants eventually going in 7gal fabric pots
3 Pineapple Express (G13 Labs seeds)
1 Mango (Blimburn Seeds)

I will be mainlining / Manifolding them the nugbuckets way

Fox Farm Happy Frog Soil

2 LED 2000w Grow Lights (actual draw 390w each)

Exhaust - AC Infinity T6 (6 inch fan with auto thermostat controler)

Intake - Will be attempting Passive Intake if end up needing a fan I will get AC Infinity 8 Inch and swap it with exhaust and use T6 for intake T8 for exhaust.

I’m very excited (and a little bit scared) to see how this first attempt goes but thanks to all of you, this site and all the info on the internet I’m confident at the end of all this I should have at least SOME home grown bud to smoke. How much and how high quality it turns out to be is another animal but and I know when I finally cure, grind, roll and then light up that first J it will be an awesome experience.

Will upload pics and time-lapse links this far as I get home from vacation next week!


Welcome to the forum, as you mentioned, great people around to help you.

I was curious as to the flowering stage growth and what to expect, watched a time lapsed video of 25 minutes, of a 9 to 10 week flowering period, it was very cool and informative.

Set to watch your post, love pics and vids, you did your diligence. First time grower here, 2nd week of flowering.

Welcome to the community. :+1:

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Welcome to the forum. Good luck with your grow. Setting to watch!

Welcome looking forward to seeing you grow.

After getting back from vacation 2 of my girls had taken off and 2 were falling a bit behind. I topped two doing well and tried to keep the other two from dying. I fixed the PH in the two that were slipping and started feeding all 4 the GH Flora / Bloom / Micro Nutrient trio and some CalMag. The girls have all been doing amazing the last couple days. I just topped the the 4 for a second time and as soon as I figure out how to get some photos up I’ll add them. My timelapses from seed up until this point will be posted as soon as I figure out the best way to post videos / link them.