First Grow pains from Auto Super Mix

First time poster here, so go easy on me. I hope I’m posting in the right place. :face_with_peeking_eye:
I’m as green as it comes to growing and after doing research, I decided I didn’t really know what I wanted so I went with the variety pack (Autoflower Super Mix). My thought process was it would be auto’s because they are beginner friendly and fast turnaround from seed to harvest.
After that it was off to the races, and I sort of went overboard on my first indoor setup as far ask trying to dip my toes in and just try to get a feel for how the whole process works. Here is my current situation
I started my journey on 5/1
I decided to go with an Aeriogarden to get my seeds germinated.
I planted 3 GSC, along with 2 GGA and one BB.
I was fully expecting to have a failure of 50%. To my suprise the GSC, BB popup within days and now I did the rookie mistake fiddling with the GGA and broke its tail totally my fault.

Day 14: I am now down to 1 GSC and BB the rest did not make it :frowning:
I decided to try again on the GSC because that is the one I really wanted to grow. So this time I did the exact directions on the website and was hopeful because of my last 2 seeds I seen a tiny tail and decided to put them in solo cups and make sure all conditions where just right.
Day 28 no results from GSC :frowning: I tried to put them back in some water and dark place but nothing could bring to light.

So fast forward to now and I have one GSC which has been stunted and just needs to be tossed but i am going to let her finish whatever she wants to do and say lesson learned.
I also have hope as its been a learning curve but I do have two plants I’m holding on too.

I know for me these auto’s are kicking my butt. I’m not making it easy either with trying to do 10 different things at once. :slight_smile:

I wanted to see if others had the same experience or could share a similar story, just wanting to get some guidance and maybe make some new friends.

Day 40 here is are my girls.


GSC - Yes I know, I know


Welcome to the community Growmie, the biggest common mistake for sprouting seedlings is overwatering after they break ground. The first 12-14 days only require about a shot glass of water every 3 days. Temps of 78-82 with an RH of 65-70%. Once they’ve sprouted in the solo cup, cover that with a clear dome to create condensation for the leaves to absorb. Stunting growth in the early stages is typically cold temps and lack of humidity :love_you_gesture:


Welcome to the forum.

Your plants are doing great. Hydro/DWC/RDWC?

Beginners will do well to keep things simple and focus on the basics: pH, PPM, proper soil, proper watering practices, proper lighting, and so on.

For outdoors? It’s going to take a lot of light to flower 6 plants. In general you need ~200 watts of quality lighting per plant.

This is not necessarily the case. Photoperiod plants can be harvested just as quickly as autos if you flip them quickly. Autos will flower when they are sexually mature (most often between 4 and 7 weeks.) Photos are the same, you just have to force them to flower with a 12/12 light schedule. It is a fallacy that autos are easier to grow, imho. They may not take well to training since you don’t know when they are going to flower, they can be more sensitive to nutes, and they are twitchy in general. I recommend photos for your next grow.

Happy growing. You are looking good.


Wow so didn’t expect such a reply from the group so fast, thanks. :grin:
I’m not much on posting or social media but figured I would give this a try in case i run into issues later and had questions.

I will try to answer some of your questions before heading into work, later I might update my post with the specifics of my setup.
I’m attempting Hydro/DWC. I like the Idea of RDWC but i want to get a grow under my belt before upgrading.
Yeah, i have read so much about ph, ppm, lighting that I go and feel like i got it all figured out only to find something not right and go back to researching it all again lol.
For my next grow I think i will def go with Photoperiod plants just because you may have more control, these auto’s are making my head spin daily.


You are doing the right thing. Don’t be reluctant to ask questions. That is what we are here for. We all like helping people that are taking steps (like reading) to also help themselves. There are also a few good YouTube channels with great videos. Weed In A Pot is one of those channels.


Welcome to the neighborhood. You have come to the best place for like minded Growers. Everyone wants you to succeed. No questions that can’t be answered by someone on here. Happy Growing!!
Your ladies look beautiful :heart_eyes::v::blush:


You’re in the right place grow bro! Welcome! Sorry for the lost beans, but your girls that are topside now look good! Autos are funny things. I grow them outside since they don’t care about a light schedule. Like @OGIncognito said, overwatering is the #1 boo-boo, and I don’t think there is a grower who hasn’t done it a time or three. I kinda have to agree with @MidwestGuy on autos not necessarily being beginner friendly. They are on a timeline, so any damages have to be fixed asap. Training should start early, because they have a very small recovery window.

Buuuut, if you get that GSCE to harvest, she will rock your socks. If you let the bud get really mature, it will give you a great, end of the day, eat a whole sleeve of Pringles, type of high.

Any questions for specific growers, just put “@” and their handle. Good luck and happy growing!!!




Welcome, as far as starting seeds, I get pretty much 100% success by moistening soil in a solo sup, planting seed, spray a little water on it to settle seed, put a baggie over the top of the cup, and set it in a warm area. Then, for beginners, weigh a solo cup of dry soil. Mine weighs 129 grams, then weigh a wet one. I don’t water until it hits around 150/160 grams. Overwatering is the kiss of death for seedlings.

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Welcome. Great group of growers here . We were all newbies at one time.

The thing I like is that most everyone is down to earth and practical.

Once you get thru this first grow, you’ll relax and enjoy it much more.

Once I had 7 oz. in the cupboard after my first, I really started to enjoy and fine tune the craft.

These people will not steer you wrong.


Welcome to the community! You will get help with great knowledge folks here. Dead beans as stated earlier, happen to all growers. Just learn from mistakes and ask questions! Happy Growing!!:sunglasses:


Again, I’m truly blown away by the number of responses I got from my little cry for help. Thank you all so much. And like most of you are saying it’s a learning thing. The greatest strengths can be found in our failures.
I have learned a ton if nothing else goes right from here on out, but fingers crossed everything will be just fine. I have read so many posts about over worried parents and stressing more than the plants themselves, so I am enjoying this time with my new friends.

I think the next grow I’m going to do soil depending on how this DWC thing works out. DWC plus autos has extra stress I am growing to see. I’m sure it can be easier, but this is just a total newbie here.

Does anyone have any tips around the DWC setups. I think I have the basic’s like water temp. ph, ppm but I am always looking to automate as many tasks as possible and DIY where i can.

  1. I would like to find some cheap but accurate monitoring probs to but in my buckets any suggestions?
  2. I am finding that without a RDWC setup its a pain to mix up nuts, drain and clean buckets, repeat. (Really glad only 2 girls made it in a way, I wouldn’t be able to keep up with 4 lol) Some people say they never drain but I am a bit on the cautious side with this being the first grow. If I see the PH go to far out or some discolor in the leaves I may empty out and readjust the nuts. BTW I’m using Fox farms hydro with some hydro gourd.
  3. Any other tips of the trade that can make things easy.

Thank you MidwestGuy I was looking for some videos of hands-on examples lol I’m a visual learner.

So currently I have two spiderfarm SF1000 for lighting of each of the girls. They are both about 22in away from the light, I attempted to get closer but started to burn them up so they have been growing like crazy at 22in and the dimmer I have set to 75%. They seem happy but the more I read the more I think my lighting is holding me back. My current makeshift closet is rather large its 3X6. I thought about getting another Spiderfarm SF2000 and daisy chain to my other SP 10000 to boast things. Any input on if this is too much not enough lighting?

I figured i would get one response on my lighting question, but I hear Crickets LOL.

Maybe I’m doing this form thing wrong, do I need to move this question to another subject or create a new post?

I just thought I would keep it all under the same thread so other users could go back and read key points I have posted.

Sorry for being such a newbie at all this and asking questions 3 in a row from left field. :dizzy_face: