First grow outside from seed

New England girl here…first grow evah…not very tall but week 2 flowering…any advice would be awesome…!!!

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The curled up leaves in the first photo are concerning.
What are you watering with? Tap water, Rain water? Adding Nutrients?

Rainwater is hard to avoid but I am using distilled water and FF nutes.

Perhaps the heat got to it on that particular day.
The second pic looks like the curling is gone.

2 different plants in the pics. Not sure what the strain is. Got seeds from crap weed my girl bought. The 1st looks like sativa and the 2nd looks like indica. But they flowering nice I think. What do you think?

Using distilled water you may need a little extra cal mag. The yellowing on the leaves seems to indicate something is missing and distilled water has nothing in it. Typical tap water has a measure of calcium already. And check the pH as it should be around 6.8.

I will buy some this week. I also have a 8x7x5 indoor grow tent with 5 plants. Having a hard time figuring out how to post in those forums. How do I create a new thread or add to existing one?

I use a laptop…When I hit the “FORUM” link in the upper right corner it goes to the main forum page.
In the top right area is a link that says “New Topic” That will start your new thread.

Thank you. My soil ph is 6.5-7. Water ph with nutes is 6.2. Same with indoor plants. So, How do you think the flowering is going???

Looks normal. Are you in an area that freezes? You have several weeks left.

I have about 4-5 weeks b4 first frost i believe. Here is updated pics…they are really filling out.