First grow outdoors

Three female one male separate.
Keeping the two apart not sure how to proceed with the male. All spout 4/10.

Last one is mail

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That last one is wowza…unless you wanted a male.

Yeah it’s a mail I put it completely away from everything far far away not sure quite what to do with it yet

No reason to keep him around unless you want to make a few seeds. That pollen can catch a ride on your clothes, or in the wind and catch your female plants.


That pollen can travel miles. So unless you want seeds (which isn’t always a bad thing) he needs to be bagged and trashed.


Yeah put that boy in a trash bag… sorry for your loss.
The others look great! I use tomato cages too… see below, these girls are in really flower… sprouted on Saint Patrick day… happy gardening


Yep it’s gone