First grow, outdoors. Vancouver, Canada

I bought a bag of Pineapple Punch and discovered about a dozen seeds in the flowers. I’m new to growing…anything. On a whim, I sprouted a seed then planted it in a pot (2020) but I started it a way too late and the plant only grew to about 18". I did get a few small buds but nothing to be proud of.

I decided to give it a solid effort this year. This post is regarding this years attempt which from what I can tell is doing pretty well. I will share a few pics. I’m a total noob so any tips or trick are very welcome.

I’m located in a suburb of Vancouver Canada and the grow is strictly outdoors. I started it from seed then went to a small pot (May 19). Once it was big enough I transferred it to 7 gal fabric pot (July 7) containing some potting soil I picked up from Lowes. After about 3 weeks I decided to plant her in the ground in a nice sunny spot in my backyard. After planting in the ground her growth sped up immensely. I came across a video on YouTube that talked about topping the main stem to create a more bush like plant. Aug. 4 I did just so. I would say it worked out well. We’ve had a sunny, hot and dry summer and she’s grown wonderfully.

She’s now in the flowering stage. Aug. 30 is when I noticed the flowers starting to come out in the tops. It’s now Oct 4 and the flowers are well developed. Temperatures have been steady around 13C daytime and around 8C night and I’m worried that if I wait too much longer the cooler temps will harm her. So i think I’m going to chop her down in the next few days. Input is welcome. Thanks for reading


8 week harvest would be around Oct. 30.

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Thanks. Im rethinking chopping it down. The forecast over the next week or so is about the same temps but a fair bit of rain ahead.

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All of those white pistils would suggest that you would be best off waiting a few weeks, if you can. Try to keep the rain off and the buds dry.


I wouldn’t cut her yet. She looks to have a lot of size to put on… not to mention the potency. If you harvest now you’ll be disappointed in the smoke

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Try to make a shelter over it to keep frost and rain off ur plant

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Good idea. Will do. Thanks

No worries i hope this sorts out ur problem let me how it goes for you

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Update: So I ended up buying some clear polytarp and wrapping it around the cover I built. I left a few feet open at the bottom of the enclosure to let the air circulate. Weather has been decently lately, hanging around 15C days and 7C night time with a few small showers over the last 1.5 weeks. There’s a rain storm rolling for the weekend so hopefully all goes well. Pretty much check on her twice a day. Have noticed small amounts of bud rot here and there so i’ve been diligently trimming those portions off as I find them. Here are some pics


Update: Last pic - A small cutting from one of the lower branches.
Through the loupe I can see lots of cloudy trichomes and maybe 5% of them are just starting to turn amber.
I’m thinking another 2 weeks and I i’ll pull her down