First grow; outdoor, three plants, two strains

First grow, outdoor three plants. In 15 gallon fabric pots with coco coir and perlite.
Two white widow and one not sure. Here they are two months ago:

Here there are one month ago:

Here are the white widows today with a pic of one of the buds:

Here is the other one today with one of the buds. It’s getting too big to manage; have to spend a lot of time just keeping the branches upright. I think it was meant for a smaller pot. The white widow have been much easier to manage.


The one in the 3rd pic id like to purchase for my Christmas tree this year!

All look happy and healthy.


Yes, do they come with stands and tensile???



You did outdoor in coco and big pots?
Omg. That’s AWSOME!


What bootifull plants. Color me jealous…

Your plants look perfect no yellowing, beautiful

Thanks for taking a look. Any guess on how much longer until harvest? I think this is week 5 of flower.

Yeah I would start looking at my trichomes first week of October. Do you have a loupe or some type of magnifier?