First grow opinion

Any words of wisdom for a rookie grower?

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Looks pretty good. Keep doing what you have been doing.

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Keep it dry if possible. Looking good.

Cut back on watering?

How often should I give Bergmans flowering fertilizer and what amout??

How much does the rain or water in general affect the buds? I was washing some and they looked hydrophobic. Honestly i was nervous to get them wet at all.

Is that harvested buds you were washing?
If that is the case then yes it is an oily plant and is hydrophobic up to a point. The purpose of a bud wash is to remove any foreign materials like bugs, animal hair, surface mold like WPM and dust etc. The buds need to drip dry after a wash then dry and cure as you normally would.

Yeah it is scary to dunk a bunch of buds in water. Just doesn’t seem right somehow but it is fine. :grin:

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What was trippy was when they went in the water with H2O2 they smelled unreal chemical kerosene. You think that it does something to release the smell? They didnt smell anywhere near as strong pre or post dunk.

Most likely due to them getting banged around. Mine release their scent when I water and they get bumped a little.

Once they start getting dense, you run the risk of mold, or rot.

That makes sense. Duh! :man_facepalming:

Looking good! Grats on your progress, as a new grower, you have done very well. My tip: look into bud washing, you wont regret it.