First Grow - OG Kush - Outdoor - Harvest

So of the 7 plants I grew from seed (Outdoor in South Africa), my OGK is the first to be harvested. She was just over 1 meter tall, but carried some really nice, dense buds (the other 6 are 2 meters+).
The pics are not that great quality, but gives an idea. The pic of the trichomes was taken a week ago. Since then the main leaves started turning light green/yellow so I decided it was time to harvest.
The main cola weighed in at over 5,8oz (so trimmed & dried should be well over 1oz).
Looks like about 8 to 10 oz dried buds if all goes well.
I’m extremely happy at this stage!!!



That is definitely not the Bush Weed I ran into South Africa. :+1:

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OK. So drying is completed and trim is done. Buds now into Curing process.
My OG Kush plant gave me 190g (6.8oz) of dried Buds (very sticky!).
I’m extremely happy with my first harvest.
In about a week from now it will be time for the 2x Green Crack CBD and then the 2x Hash Plant CBD!!! Can’t wait!