First grow - NYC Diesel - Auto - Greenhouse

Hello ILGM Forum people!

Since i started growing cannabis plants I have really enjoyed watching the progress. I thought i would share my first grow experience with you all. I am around 3 weeks into growing so this post will be the history of my grow so far.

I purchased the seeds from the brand Crop King Seeds at my local smoke shop. The reason decided on this strain because it was rated as easy to grow, a 60/40 sativa indica ratio, able to be grown outdoors and it is also an auto that takes around 8 weeks. They also sell felt pots cheaper than i could buy plastic ones in the hardware store so i bought two 5 gallon ones.

Following the germination instructions according to the packet I placed them in a glass of water for 16 hours and then transferred them onto a moist paper towel and left them at room temperature on the kitchen counter occasionally spraying with water.

Meanwhile i started on mixing up some soil to pant them in. I opted for a mix and picked up a brick of coco coir, a medium sized bag of Pro mix organic vegetable and herb mix and a bag of pearlite. The coco was soaked in water until expanded and mixed with the soil and pearlite in a 1-2-1 ratio also adding half a tub of the Gaia Green worm casting for some nutrition. Filled the pots and made sure they where suitably watered ready for the seeds and the PH was tested with a test tube kit and showed it was right on 7.

After 2 days the seeds cracked and the tap root appeared, by the next morning it had reached around 1cm and I placed them into the growing containers by making a hole with my finger to the depth of my first knuckle and covering very lightly with soil. 2 more days later they have broken the soil and the germination week is complete.

I am not able to grow inside and I don’t like the vulnerability of an outside grow so I went for the middle ground and bought a small greenhouse. In the local Red Apple store I found one for 33CAD it is the perfect size for 1 plant. It can have 2 in there while they are seedlings however i will need to buy another one when they start to take off. The hardware store had a temp and humidity meter combo to help me monitor the conditions inside.

It is the end of the first week in the soil and the seedlings are small but still growing. My watering method has been spraying the soil. They have gained a few cm in height, the stems and leaves have broadened. One seedling is a little taller than the other, it could be stretching from being on the bottom shelf of the greenhouse. They are also bending slightly to reach the south facing sun during the 6 hours of direct sunlight. To fix this I have swapped shelves to provide even amounts of light on both plants and rotate the pots to avoid them bending too far.

There was a spell of colder wet weather where I am living in BC this week with temps dropping to a low of 10’C. over this night I moved the pots indoors to the to be on the safe side. It has been mostly cloudy too so that may contribute to the lack of rapid growth. Periodically spraying the walls of the greenhouse has allowed me to keep the humidity higher for this stage of the grow. I gave the plants their first direct watering of 100ml of water however combined with the wet weather it seems this was a bit too much as i saw the very tips of one plant droop slightly. To remedy this i have not watered again for 3 days, the soil is still moist and the plant has returned to normal. I will go back to using the spray bottle. I have learnt my lesson, Patience is key.

You can see the beginning of the 2nd set of leaves sprouting from the middle of both plants, showing progress towards the next stage of growing.
I have also germinated another seed roughly one week behind the other plants to act as a back up in case of any problems. I can only only reasonably grow 2 plants and received 5 seeds so this is acting as a spare for my first batch, it is in a much smaller pot and will need to be transplanted later.

I decided on the nutrients i will be using when the time comes. I am going to do an organic grow to keep it as natural as possible. I have a bottle of Falling Leaf 5-2-2 fish emulsion for veg stage and bio thrive bloom 2-4-4 by general organics for flowering. I will also be adding molasses to promote soil health and epsom salts for magnesium and sulphur. Does anyone know an organic calcium option?

The Seedling have grown taller still and the top leaves have broken away from the cotyledons. the new inner leaves look as though they will have 3 fingers! They are loving the sun and are pointing up to soak it all in. I have been taking them from the greenhouse when I am around to let them feel the breeze and get the most light possible and placing them back inside when I have to leave to keep them safe.

Thats all for now folks! Hope you enjoyed and I will update again soon.



Cool. I’m growing some Sour D right now. I’ve got NYC seeds, can’t wait to grow both side by side.

Good luck

Nice Dude! how are the sours coming along? Are they autos too? Thanks, You too!

Nice love NYC Diesel! Have seen this one. Wait until you see this strain stack! From what I have seen NYC diesel would be a perfect act of strain…

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Sorry perfect for a scrog.

The sours are crazy growers. Branches everywhere.

One was overshadowed by a huge NL and it literally grew 2 feet in a week to get some sun.

I’ve never done a scrog, but based on the branching I’m sure a sour would be the ticket.

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I think @Budbrother was leaching calcium out of eggshells if im not mistaken

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I remember my buddy using raw goats or cow milk as a fertilizer, if i see him I’ll ask him about it, so he can go into more detail about it

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Thanks for the advice on the egg shells, i did some research and have made some egg shell tea with epsom salts to act as the calmag. I also top dressed and lightly mixed in a bit of the fine powdered egg shells so they can break down slowly in the soil. It is also supposed to help deter slugs because of the sharp bits of shell in the soil although i don’t know how true that is. Just need to add molasses and fish fert. Hopefully it should be a pretty well rounded plant and soil nutrition potion, I hope they like it!

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I was thinking that when I have a greenhouse for each one I would low stress train them using the wire mesh shelf that you can see the upper pot is sitting on at the moment, it is about 30cm from the top of the pot.

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@Mikeyvidler hey buddy just met up with buddy that use milk in his grow, after a good smoke break with him i got the scoop on the milik, he uses raw goat miik, its a disenfectant, a source of calcium and a insecticide. Kool right, He uses it 1/5 ratio (20%) he says it got antifungal properties and swears it helps with bud root and powder mildew, plus he said it acts like a insecticide on soft body insects and spider mites, i know, he blew my mind also, these insects don’t have a pancreas snd cant procces the sugars they intake , its has to be raw goats or cows milk. Ive never tried it myself but hes grows awsome smoke

Hey man, that is very interesting! it being an insecticide too is not something i would have thought. I googled where to get it and it turns out it is illegal to sell raw milk where i am growing in Canada so i am not sure if i will be able to get it. Maybe an ad on the classifieds will find some underground milk dealer hahaha.

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The ladies have made some great improvement this week, they have gained height in the stem widened the leaves and grown a new set of leaves. The new leaves have 3 fingers each, one of the seedlings has a slightly deformed leaf with a smaller finger on one side but it doesn’t seem to be a problem. They have also both sprouted another set of leaves in the middle. The weather has been good being dry with intermittent sun and around 23 degrees.

The cotyledon have started to fade to a slightly yellower colour so i made up a batch of weak nutrients. I first made a homemade cal mag solution by grinding egg shells into a fine dust, the finer grind was added to the soil to break down during the grow and the larger sand size particles boiled in just over 1l of water with dissolved 1 tsp of epsom salts for magnesium and sulphur then strained and cooled. The fish emulsion dosage is 10-20ml per L however as this is the first feeding i only used 5ml. This is the first watering in 3 days and the soil is dry 10cm down so i used 250ml of the nutrient solution in each and 250ml of water.

I will just water them a couple of time for the rest of the week. The weather looks to be wetter and cooler so i may bring them inside to protect form the cold and reduce watering if the moisture increases.

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Oh man, im way down south at the tip of texas, we have tons of goats and cows farmers and a few locals that sell goats Milk , soap and cheese at the farmers market, sorry tv to hear that, well i just t though I’d give u the info anyways mabye others may find it useful and also myself, we learn something new everyday, have a good night my friend

Hey Guys and Gals

It has been another week and they are still doing well. It has been a mix of sun cloud and rain all week with varying temperatures so not the best growing conditions but hey you cant control the weather haha. I have watered again with the diluted nutrients and once with just water.

I have a couple of questions for anyone with more knowledge than me. The plants are growing little white hairs from the area that the leaf branches join with the stem, are these pistils showing they are female?
One of my plants has a little orange spot on one of the biggest fan leaves (pictured below) Could this be a nutrient overload and should i go back to water for a week?


I forgot to mention, they have started to smell but only at a very close distance and both plants have also grown new sets of leaves again totalling 4 sets with another starting to sprout!

Looking good, those hairs normal, i wouldn’t feed at such a small age, they still have there cotyldon, the small round leaves, have all the nutes they need at this stage of life, good luck buddy

Agree with crabby. That orange spot is nothing, unless you see it taking over the whole plant.

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so it has been quite a while since my last update, sorry about that. my grow diaries page is more regular if you want to check it out here is the link

I have a few questions for you guys and girls with more knowledge than me.

all of the seeds are from the same batch, and have been treated exactly the same but one is significantly skinnier and less bushy. it has always been this way and is always slightly in front in terms of maturity. is this just genetics?

They are starting to grow buds so i have switched over to bloom nutrients, how often should i feed them, i have been doing it with each watering or should i switch to every other time?

I was using hemp twine to LST them to the side of the pot but i have installed a screen to try SCROG method any advice on how to do it properly? I have the plant manipulated through the mesh and as it grows i am tucking the fan leaves back under and tying down the branches while pulling them outwards to allow more light penetration.

Pictures below.