First grow... now root rot or damping off...?

Planted on Dec 29th. All 5 popped within 48 hours and they looked amazing! They started having issues about day 5-6 I believe due to over watering. At first I thought it was nute issues because I wasn’t feeding, but after doing research it is obviously root rot. They are in rapid rooters and I’m afraid to “repot” since tearing open the RRs will do even more damage to the roots…

My poor babies!!? Any advice for a first timer or is this a lost cause?

Jan 3rd looking alright:

Jan 14th:

Uploading: 914A8D90-2A14-4670-A04F-D05ED616DB5A.jpeg…

I see dry I see nute burn looks like …no food yet les then 100ppm if anythibg


Update! I know I totally borked their growth, already lost one and had severe CalMag deficiencies. Foliar sprayed calmag solution. Adjusted ph of res higher to absorb calmag ( I was trying to run sub 6 ph. Been running at 6.3 for absorption.

Also finished installing the drip system and stacked the girls on another net cup to raise them out of res. Drips are 1/2 gal per hour.

They’re definitely looking better but the damage and growth stunt has been done.

I know I have to insulate the rest of the reservoir but from the looks of it they’ll be going into 5 gal reservoirs shortly once root growth recovers. :slight_smile: