First grow- Noticing some yellow tips on the babies- HALP!

Hi everyone!

So I’ve been monitoring my plants for the last few days because I noticed what looked like some slight yellowing on the bottom-most leaves of my seedlings… and it seems like the growth is a little slow. This is my first grow, so I don’t really know what I’m looking for, tbh!

I looked today and a couple are definitely getting yellow tips, and it looks like they are starting to have some slight browning. I’m trying to be proactive here and catch it before it becomes an issue.

(For reference, I have 3 G13 photos and 3 Critical Mass Autos; 600w grow light; homemade organic compost soil; close to 3 weeks old now. Been giving a super small amount of Neptune’s harvest- starting Fox Farm trio on Friday when they come in)

I’ve cut back on watering, and just watered today when the pots felt light; checked soil PH runoff and it was at 6.5. It could be nutrients, it could be that they haven’t bounced back from overwater? Am I micromanaging them? Could be that the soil is crappy? I’m just not sure. I have ordered some Fox Farm Oceans Harvest for when I transplant, as well as fabric pots.

Any voice of reason/wisdom appreciated here!

They look overwatered.

If you begin using fox farms trio, the organic or microbial biome will be pointless. Keep that in mind. You’ll also need to follow the fox farm feed and flush schedule.


I grow organic also, and am using FFOF. As a general rule, you don’t feed nutrients for the first 30 days as the soil has plenty. I am actually running a mix of 40% coco, 40% perlite and 20% FFOF and I STILL didn’t have to feed for the first 30 days.

This is what my plants looked like after 28 days of just plain water with the above soil mixture…

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Good to note- thanks for that! Hopefully my reducing watering will help some.

I’ll have to do some thinking about whether it would be worth it to switch out my homemade stuff for foxfarm for the transplant- it seems to have a whole lot of good stuff and has been highly recommended- but…ya know.

But gotta get these girls growing first.

Thanks for your help!

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Yours look amazing! See, I’m seeing growth like that and comparing my plants who are really just a week younger and it’s pretty dang drastic.

That’s good info, for sure. And I’ll know how to start them off better next time.

Try just misting the plants and dirt for a few. That’s what I do to my young ones. They don’t have the root system yet for drinking, so they use humidity alot. You could put a plastic baggie over them to hold humidity, or a 2 liter bottle cut in 1/2. Just make sure its a clear bottle and not a green Mtn. Dew type bottle, that would be a tradegy.

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@Roudy420, can I ask, did you plant straight into the fabric pots?

Nope, I did not. Here is a link to my grow and you can see from the start…

I am currently on Day 35.

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This is great- and super helpful! thank you! Will definitely be following along.

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