First grow - nothing like learning by experience

ILGM GSCEA. How am I doing? Size variation due to issues with germ & sprout and having different start dates. ILGM team came to the rescue!

Middle is 40 days. She look on track for 40?


They look good to me. What size pots are they in so i got some kinda reference in size :grin:


I havent grown the strain, looks good and nice training, must be tied down is it

Hi @FiveMonkeys , your middle one looks great for 40 days and has some great bud sites ripe up for you!!

Two on right are 5 gal. Left is 3 gal.

Yes, all are tied down. Should there be some point I “let 'em go” & remove the bondage? I’ve read multiple opinions. Again, I’m a newbie and learning as I go.

If the stems are secured in a manner which allows the stem to grow naturally (diameter / circumference) I let them be. Once the stretch is complete and the stems are hardened off I will remove the ties. If I remove them it is to make access easier and to strip leaves and unwanted growth. The other point is to keep an even canopy as possible. This may mean moving or relocating ties or adding more. The smaller ones may need booster chairs to even them out with the taller one (s).
They look good. They can all grow at a different pace.