First Grow.....Nothing legal about it!

Looks great to me, and yes you just want to adjust your ties as needed to maintain and even amount of branches being laid out in a sense to expose all those lower flower sites. Looks great keep up the hard work!!


It looks great! Yes you just want to adjust the tie down as she grows. You may have to adjust so the stems don’t grow around them if too tight.

And yes I still push my veg nutes a couple of weeks into flower and then I switch over. Your doing great!!


If you haven’t looked into it too, check out topping and fimming for your photo period as another method for training. I have read mixed input on autos and I’m only on my first run of autos now so I would just stick to the lst on those babies until you really know the strain! Sorry just read your earlier posts, lol you have got it figured out so far and are doing great :slight_smile:


Ok, so when they reach the edge of the pot then let them reach for light. Good deal.



You got it! No problem at all, have a good day and start to your (hopefully) weekend.


Oh yeah, my photos that I’m not LSTing have been topped twice now. One was FIMmed, missed the “top”.

For my first grow I figured I’d play around with the different techniques and see what I like best.

This pic is a week old, they’ve taken off since then and did the second top on Wednesday.


Looking awesome as well, love to see all the different techniques being used. Even better to get it all figured out on your first ever run, you can combine the lst with your topping techniques as well to go really crazy lol. Take care, I have to get back to work unfortunately.


Yep keep them stretching flat. I use plant wire and as the branch grows out I keep resetting the tie down towards the end.

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I’m wrong person to ask about plant training. I think your plant looks great though.

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Thanks @dbrn32, just tagged everyone that popped up!

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Looks great! The main thing is that everything is getting good light. :+1:


Looks good I did the same thing second sun I did a main line , i fimmed 1 r
Roppped on and just some lst on other and it made no difference in bud quality and just took longer to do some so a single early top an DC let her go is my MO… me personally my grow is a true sog and growing just for a popsicle plant a1 on a stick the size if beer bottle just a1 primo if I lack on weight so be it I want quality and found the bigger the roots and smaller the top the plant really focuses all the goodness to that 1 bud and u get everything you put into it tonight there where u want it its not dispersed its condensed


Hello @Hogmaster . . .

Regarding this recipe.

Do you use fresh Cannabis or dried Cannabis?
Does it include the branches and stalk?


Dried and decarbed I just use buds and sugar leafs you can use the whole plant


Thanks a bunch! :maple_leaf:

Haven’t posted pics in a bit. Flipped to 12/12 last Thursday. The tallest Photo was at 30”, this morning it is 37”.

The two WW autos are looking crazy, kind of lanky, but healthy. One and a half weeks since spotting pistols

Two photos I’m LSTing. BBG and GSE