First Grow.....Nothing legal about it!

Haha hey all that matters in my book is you never stop learning/trying new things and just have fun!!


That’s it, knowledge is power!


Nice bikes. Is it weird that’s the first thing I saw?


Be careful with any nutes at this point. Even cal/mag may not be necessary. They do fairly well in most soils for the first few weeks. If you’re in a fox farms soil it may be fine for several months with just h2o.

If you could fill out a support ticket it’d help us help you.

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May I suggest next run since your so big u need to avoid moisture at all cost getting in nooks and crannys

I line the floor with pvc 40 mill shower pan vinyl keeps all water contained the flower room is 2 inch pitch over 8 feet and gravity pitcher outside so I dont have to pick up pan and drain em with then fan akd the acs going after I water the floor is dry.45 mins


lol thanks, now that the girls are out of the garage we can get the bikesout and put some more miles on them.

As far as nutes go, from everything I read they looked like they could use some cal/mag and seem to be loving it. Just started with the FF trio at a weak dosage. They are not in a hot soil and next year I will use something better. Bought this soil before I started reading much and it was 50% off being the end of the season. They seem to be responding well. They had a good amount of roots when I transplanted them yesterday.

I haven’t checked ppms out yet but will start on their next watering. I’ve of course been adjusting the ph of our well water and checking run off and they are on track.

As always, thanks for the heads up!

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I like the idea of the vinyl, hadn’t given that any thought. I wanted the pans to check run off but can already see I need something under the pans as they don’t catch everything.

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Been there and I’d rather have no catch basin and a leak proof barrier ang day after I lost my first half my crop to botrytis in a covert fake wall grow room I make dry way ac and all inside this fake wall cavity I built in a shed

horrible experience but sometimes it’s a learning experience


Strain; 2 white widow auto, 3 Girl Scout extreme photo, 3 bubble gum photo, 1 AK47 photo
Soil in smart pots, basic organic soil. Autos in 7 gal and photos in 15 gal
PH of runoff ? 6.6
What is strength of nutrient mix? Will start monitoring ppms this week. Have fed calmag and FF trio week 2 1/2 strength (responding well)
Light system, size? 1000 watt HPS/MH digital dimmable, currently using the MH bulb
Temps; Day,79 Night 68 ( just moved them to a new location and will have to keep an eye on it)
Humidity; 55%
Ventilation system; 6inch inline exhaust fan, 12”x12” filter opening for fresh air from adjacent room
Humidifier, De-humidifier, heater, all on the ready
Co2; No

No issues currently, wanted to start the journal and track everything in the event something does pop up the history will be there for all to see.

I have wanted to smoke again for 32 years now and in another couple of years when I can hang this career up I hope to be producing so much weed I make up for 34 years!

Thanks for all help and suggestions now and in the future. I’ve already learned so much by reading nearly every journal out there. So much my dreams are about solving weed issues lol

That must have sucked! But I guess we live and we learn. Some lessons harder than others. I will keep it in mind for next years grow and may add it to my flower room now, while it’s empty

Welcome to the forum!

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Thanks @Sixpackdad , from my home state!

I think you have this thang under control and I wish you the best of harvests…

my parting tip is to always make that the water is at room temperature before watering your gals.


Weekly update. The girls are all about 4 weeks from popping the soil and looking good. I have topped a few (think I FIMed one) and started LST on the autos!
White widow autos


Girlscout extreme

Bubble gum

Ph on runoff is a little high (7.0/7.1)

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White widow autos


Yep what @dbrn32 said thank you for serving. Looks like you’ve done research.


@DankGunslinger, I think I have read every indoor, and several outdoor, journals on the forum. Trying to learn ahead of screwing things up I guess. Hopefully!

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Yes that’s the smart way but mistakes teach you too. You just try to limit them.

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We sure do…well some of us do lol natural selection is well natural thing … u seem to have a head on your shoulder and learn from yours or better yet OTHERs mistakes your doing very good for the lst get everything looking good and not gmvery stressed which is good you dont wanna stress autos to much itll stunt your plant and give you micro yeild and and u cant do much to save em with autos

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Hi and welcome to ILGM! I know I’m a little late lol Wow your setup looks marvelous!

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I’m am equal opportunist, I try to learn from everyone’s mistakes, as well as my own lol