First grow, not sure when to harvest

So these plants are 11 weeks from sprout, blueberry auto and a gold leaf auto.

Just wanted to get some opinions on how long is left on these girls.

Blueberry is darker with all the trichomes, gold leaf is more yellow with bigger nugs just so everyone knows what theyre looking at.


Great looking plants!! :sunglasses: need an up close and personal shot of the trichomes

Blueberry is probably in the harvest window, gold leaf a week or so behind.

I do not have a macro lens so the best i could do was through the jewelers loupe… pretty bad shot too.

This is the blueberry, gold leaf looks exactly the same.

Use your phone. Notice when you zoom in. Screen shot and zoom in again

This is yours.

Zoom in and look at what? Blurry trichomes? Im confused man.

Yeah i have a throw away phone man. No way mines doing that. Thanks anyways…

Jewel crafters lenses will do the trick

Best i could do through the jewelers loupe.

by his chart provided yours look “mostly cloudy” which SAYS highest THC. But MOST here i’ve read like to have more amber, with some cloudy (just NO CLEAR!) NICE looking buddage you’re about to enjoy there :slight_smile:

Because most like more cbn. Thc falls off as cbn increases. So the more couchlock, the less thc. Thc doesn’t cause couchlock

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