First Grow, Northern Lights Auto Reluctant to Flower

How did you get on with the 12/12 I’m in the same predicament as you am thinking about flipping myself I’m currently in24/0 but one of mine is not flowering

Jump! Just jump!

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I’m so confused after reading this. This is my first Auto grow I read that it’s almost silly not to have them on a 24-hour light cycle because they can handle it just fine. Now you sound like you know your stuff and you telling me 12/12. In fact I was told never to go below 18 6…
So I also have Northern Lights Auto and a blueberry Auto and you’re telling me I should have them on 12 on 12 off? Right?
I would love to switch to 12:12 or even 18:6 or whatever some Pro tells me to do I just need a consistent answer.
Thank you for your time and knowledge

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hey ben look my autos are 45 days old its my first time aswell,i did 20 days on 18/6 then the last 20 or so days on 24/0 and they are doing really well mate and today ive flipped back to 18/6 to give them some rest as ive also read conflicting things i think they can handle any light schedual to be honest,but certain people find certain cycles their prefered im going to finish mine on 18/6 and see wat happens i hope it dont decrease the yeild but i wont know till i try but i know for a fact that they can take 24/0 coz they wer bread from the northan hemesphere up near Russia i think and Norway and for 6monthes of the year its total daylight 24 hours a day and its cold also so it defo in there genetics to take 24/0 but wen mine r done id of had them on 18/6 24/0 then 18/6 again but up to now day 45 they are great ill add pics in a hour or so.

thank you very much. It’s good to know you are currently doing this. And I’m not reading some outdated info .
I think I’m going to go 18-6 from now on …
Good luck to you.

Hey guys, just wanted to give a quick update on the grow. The Blueberry is flowering nicely under the lights and the Northern Lights has gone into stretch and is starting to flower quite a bit now. The Rec you guys gave to run it 12/12 for a bit really worked for the NL. Thanks for the great advice! It kicked into flower after about 4 days. I’m really surprised how well this 4 tube t-5 set up is working along with the reflective diamond mylar. Also No carbon filter and the smell is hardly noticeable with these two strains thus far.

We are hitting record temps here in Charlotte, NC, 95 degree days and no sign of any rain for quite a while. Is it ok to have the NL auto out in these temps? I have it under the lights right now inside for fear it will burn up out there, but it’s pretty squashed in there with low light penetration.

hey man good to see she finaly came out,mine has really put on some size in the last week,and she now looks like your pics up top im just waiting for her to look like your pic at the very botom now next 4 days and mine will finally be there and all that worry will have been for nothing,but its all expeirence that is vital coz if it happens in future ill just kick back and give her the time she needs.

Thanks man, it’s been a ton of work but so worth it when you start getting close to the end and start seeing real results. I’m addicted and so are our friend that I gave three AH plants too. They are also doing well. About 10 days ago our dishwasher leaked out and destroyed a big section of our hardwood floors. So we have had people crawling all over this place. I had to move everything out into the garden during the day and then back inside at night. Wish I didn’t go with a 7 gallon pot. Those get pretty heavy when wet. The bottom two pics are the blueberry. I gave it to a friend early on who said he knew what he was doing and stunted the hell out of it, but it came back around with smaller size buds. In the right conditions I’m sure it would have been much bigger. Been using silica blast from botanicare on them the past week and wow the NL main stem is bigger than my thumb and all of the branch connections have swollen up like they are on steroids. It really does make a big difference. The blueberry is starting to show some ambers so should not be long now.