First grow, newbie

This is my first grow. Outside grow currently at around 6-8 weeks. My wife started it so don’t remember exactly. The plant is about 18 inches tall. And doesn’t seem to be getting any taller. Can someone tell me what stage she’s in, and what to expect next or what I should be doing. Thank you for any advice.


Welcome to the forum I’m new myself looks ready imo @dbrn32 @Mrcrabs could anyone you fine gentlemen help out here please and thank you.

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Welcome to ILGM! It looks like you have an autoflowering plant that was stunted early on, and began flowering before getting very big. It could have been caused by any number of things, any guesses would be just that…a guess. You’re in good hands here. We’ll make sure your next harvest makes this one look like a warm up. Keep a journal, read as much as you can stand, and ask lots of questions. There’s no such thing as a dumb question!

It looks to be only a week or two from harvest to me. You might only get a few grams once it’s dried, but you made it this far! You must’ve figured something out along the way! :v::slight_smile:


Thanks guys. Definitely reading as much as possible. Fixing to set up an indoor grow room, for our next go round. My wife started two sour cheese plants, and hoping to do much better with them.


Looks like elheffe has you set. Just wanted to drop by and say welcome to the forum!


mines looks the same idk when it will be ready or what


What part of the globe are u at … slot of ppl are flowering outside already maybe you just started a little late in the season


We are in central US, we definitely started late for outdoor grow.

Do you have a jeweler’s loupe or another way to get a good look at the trichomes? That’s the best way to judge when to harvest.

I’m in Arkansas started in July

No don’t have idk if I should leave it there for a week or more

That’s all your experiencing a plant that was germinated late in season it grew that big and as soon as it matured flower had very little veg period…I smcould bring that plant back inside and put I’m uh under 24 hours of light reveg it till it starts throwing regular leaves out again and then put it out side you’ll have buds every where instead of one popsicle… but I’m a fan of the popsicle give the plant a chance to focus on that one flower

that’s all the same plant same thing only begged for 14 days then I flowered it

Thanks for all the advice. I’m learning a lot. I do have a jewelry loupe and will check the trichomes. Thank you for the guide pic @elheffe702