First Grow, New Here - 2 Questions About Autos

Hello all. I finally have decided to dive into this crazy hobby, and get started growing my own medicine. I bought a 5-pack of Critical Mass CBD auto seeds from ILGM, and when they got here, I was so excited to get started, I threw them into some water, to get them started with germination. I think I may have jumped the gun a bit too early, because I am starting to realize I may have 2 significant problems already. It’s only been 5 days since my girls poked their heads out of the soil (all 5 popped - Good job, ILGM!!).

Here’s the potential issues:

  1. After soaking the seeds for 24 hours or so, I put them into 4 inch peat cups filled with potting soil. After reading more and more, I have come to realize that the common wisdom is that you should plant seeds directly into their final containers, when it comes to autos. So here are my questions…is transplanting them into the final contains going to drastically hurt them? Should I do it now, or in a week or two, when they are stronger?

  2. My grow space is only (for now) a generic 2x4x60 tent I bought on Ebay - it came with a (also generic) blurple light advertised as 1500w ‘equivalent’. Going to correct the lighting situation very soon (thinking either a Spider Farmer sf2000 or a Mars Hydro TSL2000), but here the other question: Will the 2x4 be big enough to allow 5 autoflower plants to thrive - or will they be crowded out? Planning on moving them to 3 gallon fabric pots. I do plan on adding 2 more tents eventually (both 4x4’s) and start a perpetual harvest system, but need to work up to that slowly, as I am on a limited budget.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. TIA!


I personally don’t see that much of an issue repotting. If done without damaging the root ball they will hardly notice. It may appear that they slow down for a couple days, but that’s just the plant focusing on growing roots.

There is a problem with peat pots however. Not conducive to repotting and it takes too long for the pots to deteriorate for the roots to grow through.

2x2 should be considered a minimum per plant. A 2x4 is really only big enough for two plants but you have no choice but to make the best of it. You may have to do some trimming if they get too crowded.


I would agree and state that the size of that tent isn’t ideal for that many plants. I would also agree that two would be ideal for that size. I’m not super knowledgeable about auto transplantation but if done early enough in the seedling stage I don’t see any harm. I’ve used jiffy pots with transplanting and I’ve had some slow results at first but it’s not that noticeable time wise. Happy growing!


My 2x4 with 2 medium size plants, I have grown 3 but I can get 5 feet wide in my closet, it crowds my clothes. If I do 3 I do 2 photos and an auto, with hope the auto finishes quick, get more room for photos. Does not always work lol. Good luck man


Welcome to the forums, @CMichGrower gave you some good advice there but I’ll chine in my 2 cents worth of knowledge.

Forget the mars hydro, go with the spider farmer if your going to get a knockoff QB board that is easily accessible to you.

Pick the most vigorous 3 plants and stick with them, put them in 5 gallon pots is my suggestion but 3 gallon will work to. 2x4 is ideal for 2 plants but being your first grow you may have issues or grow small plants due to your just not dialed in yet.
Be prepared to have your exhaust fan on full blast 24/7 and a de humidifier ready in the room your growing in. Also be sure to vent your exhaust air outside! Even if you have to make a window modification.
Otherwise your going to get bud rot near the end and it will be the end of all your hard work.

Autos are generally not transplanted well, but it’s totally possible to do it. Be very careful and do it early before the roots get set, so do it now.
I would STRONGLY recommend transplanting into a coco/perlite mix or promix HP and NOT into soil. Soil is fret with problems, it’s more work, it’s got bugs that can cause issues, your work will be more and your yeild will be lower. I love soil but not for cannabis.
Go to your local hydro store and get coco & perlite (pre washed coco) or promix HP. Then go get some nutrients (small amount whatever is in sale or cheapest) but look at getting Jack’s nutrients part A along with calcium nitrate and magnesium sulfate. Otherwise you’ll be paying an arm and a leg for nutrients all your life yet it will be more complicated because you still need to add the cal mag to any bottled nutrients program.


Thanks for the replies! I’ve developed a plan of attack, based largely on your collective input. I am so glad I found this forum!

@Nicky - I live in a VERY rural area (lucky that amazon delivers here), so no easily accessible hydro stores, but will search on Amazon (I have prime - yay!).Not sure what Jack’s nutrients are, but pretty sure I can find the rest.

@CMichGrower, @Dennis62, @Redfootgrandpaj - Thanks to you guys, also for your help. I think I can get this fixed, and still have a reasonably decent grow!

EDIT: lol…just googled jack’s nutrients and found a ton of links. I should have known - Google has the sum total of all human knowledge lol!


You want part A and then just calcium nitrate (should be 15-0-0) and magnesium sulfate.

I assume your in the USA? If your in Canada let me know.

Ps I understand the rural thing I grew up off grid

Yep, in the USA :slight_smile:

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Yeah Jack’s will Ship right to your po box then

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These guys have you on your way. I am on the other side of the fence. I only use coco. For your situation. I would recommend going with soil. That way. Your plants will stay smaller and easier to manage. A 3 gallon will more than do. Like above. I would choose the best 3 and go with them. It will still be tight. But possibly doable. I use the 2x2 area per plant as a start my self. I use rapid rooters and start in a solo cup or nursery bag. Personally. I have never had any issues transplanting an auto. I used to go from a solo cup to a one gallon to the final pot. Now I go solo cup to final pot.
It may sound harsh. But I feel the best thing that can happen to a new grower is to run into a few issues a long the way. Most learn the most from mistake. And will remember those lessons better than if every thing always goes right :grin: There are plenty of members around to help you if you ever need. The one thing I noticed about this site over others is. There is always some one on here no matter what time of day. So you will normally get help pretty quick.
I will be following along here.
Good luck with your grow. I think you will enjoy it :+1:

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