First grow! Nervous newbie

Hi guys! I’m looking/hoping for some input on my grow situation? I’ve read just about every article on this website (you guys are absolutely fantastic. thank you for everything!) but at this point I kind of just want to know what somebody with actual experience thinks about what I’m doing. Here goes:

  • super skunk fem, purchased through ILGM
  • I’m in the New England area
  • my 2 ladies are currently in fox farm ocean soil (red solo cups); they sprouted March 17th BUT they were on my windowsill for that first week as I was super slowwww putting my tent up!
  • 36 x 36 x 72 tent, in my bedroom (planned on using the basement but this way works a heck of a lot better in my opinion)
  • 600w MH light, plan on switching to HPS (for veg/flowering, right?)
  • I have lights on 50% about 6-8 inches away
  • having huge issues trying to raise the RH but it’s consistently staying in the low 20s.
  • I have one oscillating fan and two mini fans
  • trying to keep temp around 77. Gets as low as 65 with lights out.
  • plan on transplanting to 5 gal pots
  • not monitoring Ph at this time
  • no extra nutrients

Any thoughts?! I can’t figure out how to get my pictures up (not stupid, just technologically ignorant).

Also, money isn’t the biggest issue. I’d rather NOT have to spend much more but I’m serious about this so I’ll do whatever it takes, you know?

Thank you for your time!!!


For sure gotta get the humidity up…

Hi Clarissa, I’m familiar with the New England weather. Best fix is a cool mist humidifier on a timer in your tent, around 20 bucks

Start monitoring pH 6.3 …works well

Six or eight inches seems kind of close for the light, check for heat at plant tops with back of your hand, a good investment is $10 for a temp / humidity gauge

  • happy growing :slight_smile:

Thank you for responding!

I can’t figure out how to post my pictures. I’m obviously struggling today, please forgive me. Lol

You think even with lights at 50% that 6-8 inches is too close? I tested it… Seems fine? What do you recommend? I learned my lesson having my lights too close at 75%. That one’s coming back though! Haha Oh and I have a temp/humidity gauge.

Thank you!

(I will end up purchasing a humidifier…do you think I’ll need a DE humidifier once it gets hotter? My mom is always saying how fregin humid it gets here but I never feel it lol)

One thing many people forget with a dimible ballast your bulbs are most effective in spectrum par lux if they are running at their rated wattage. This means you are not getting the true spectrum unless you are running the right bulb for the watts your ballast is set at,I run a 600 750 1000 super lumen ballast at 600 with a 600 mh I have a separate ballast for 400w and matching bulbs though this week I will be looking at another 600 watt bulb ballast and shade.
Bulbs use gases mixed for certain spectrum at certain temps and watts out of those ranges you aren’t getting the right spectrum from your bulbs it may not factor too much but may also be the difference of an extra 15 grams? per grow or shorter bushier plants etc…

All I see that you need to do is mentioned above. Get you RH up to 55-60%, at least for veg; Allowing it to drop to 40% in flower. (Unless you are running a Co2 set up) FFRe.

You do not need any nutrients for several weeks using Ocean Forest. I like your plan.

Now as far as PH; I believe that you may be OK at this point because; They make Foxfarm soils to work well with MMJ. However; Once in flower and budding, you will need to PH the nutrient solution properly when watering. Good Luck :slight_smile:

Thank you!!! I bought a humidifier yesterday :slight_smile: I was able to get the RH up to 40% with wet towels though!

My plan was only to keep the lights at 50% until the ladies were ready to be transplanted. What do you think? :slight_smile:

What do you think my friend?


Poor baby. I burned her. She’s looking much better though haha They sprouted at the same time but the one grew so much bigger… Maybe because they were on my windowsill for a week before I put lights up and one was getting more sun than the other?

What nutes and when? What do you recommend?

Look to the lower righr hand conner you’ll see upload. Click it you may have to click it twice.
Then choose documents
Your pic’s should pop up.
Click the pic you want snd there ya go.

B Safe

As Latwood stated…do not feed your seedlings untill they have 4. 5 true sets of leaves…water only

B asafe

Hey bud! Really really want to reiterate what other folks have suggested–don’t feed her! Not one bit! Not until you’ve gotten quite a few weeks into veg. Those pics look like seedlings–DON’T FEED THEM. FF ocean forest is super strong.

I actually stopped using it because it is so strong; I switched to Roots organics. I did mix the rest of some of my FF OF into one container, its doing great. Using roots I didn’t give any nutrients until I switched to flower like 3 1/2 months later…and I’ve got these huge beautiful ladies pumping out flowers now (OG Kush from ILGM). I’m just now starting to introduce some FF Tiger bloom–but at like, 1/8th strength. Also using some compost tea from my local hydro store. The point is, though, go slow with the nutes.

If you’re new to growing, keep it stupid simple. The biggest screw up is to over-love your plants. Good luck!

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I’m glad you said to keep it ‘stupid simple’ because that’s exactly my plan… Lol I wasn’t planning on adding any nutrients, checking ph, etc. If I’m not successful then I know for next time, ya know? I have 7 seeds left. I got them from ILGM, then memorized the grow bible (I obviously printed it out and put it in a binder like a big dork lol) and felt SO confident in what I was doing… But I started doubting myself as I began reading other forums and hearing different things and my brain got all crazy mixed up and that’s where I went wrong lol I should’ve never deviated from ILGM! Peace.

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It is best to use a lower powered lamp for seedlings. Buy a 2’ x 4 tube T5 for your seedlings. I have a link posted in the ILGM Buyers Guide. Check it out. You can put that T5, 1-2" above the seedlings and they stay tight and do not stretch :wink:

You are using Foxfarm soil. I believe you would be happy with Foxfarm liquid Nutrients. after all; They are formulated to work together. I will look into the recommended system. You cannot just buy and use 1 part of a nutrient system.