First Grow needing a little help

The DimLux Maxi Controller can control 160 DimLuxes at once. A switchboard, time delay units and relays are no longer needed, the DimLuxes can be plugged directly into the socket. Just set the on and off time and the set is ready to run. You can set the desired brightness using the + and – keys. The Maxi Controller can also work with asynchronous times, for example, 10 hours on and 10 hours off; this setting shortens the process by almost 20%! Sunrise and sunset can also be simulated. DimLux Maxi Controller EVO 1.2. Comes standard with a 5 meter Interlink cable. Can also be supplied with an extra long Interlink cable of 10 meter. Note, the 10 meter cable must be ordered separately.

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@latewood @latewood any help on this? Dunno if I should use them or when to use them if I need to I’ve got them but they are just sitting didn’t want to put them on and not need to

Wait a minute. How big of a grow are we talking about? I thought we were talking about ismple comtrol of different time schedules. I think we are getting off Littlegrow’s topic.

The Controller in question is for much larger scale yes. But with the advancements in LED technology I feel it should be usable even at the lowest level. Just as the op is trying to increase metabolism with a 6/2 schedule. It’s slightly off topic I’ll agree. But in the same area. The controller is just where I read it could be a possibility.

The 6/2 was also stated to be switched to 18/6* once the plant bushes out. Per yoshi instructions

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Oh! :open_mouth: You got me there. I have used Bergman’s nutrients, several times.

I know you may find this hard to believe, but; I never have issues with my plants. So; I never have used these. Honestly; I bet I could find all 3 on a shelf in the old grow room. I always used Liquid katma. That may have had something to do with it.

I do like the nutrients and they are super easy to use. Blended powder and dissolves clear.

I would say; “If you are worried”, I advise you to buy the kit, And have it on hand. If you need it. That si up to you, sorry. I just have never nbeeded it.

I’ve got it and it’s on hand hopefully it can stay where it’s at and I won’t need it lol

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Show me the product. The only way I can get on page with you is if I see the unti you are talking about.

The unit I wa stalking about is usable; I ran my 1.5 hp water pump with it. I might have had a converter. It is a 110/120 unit. pump was 220 +/_

So my only issue here is I have 2 photos and 3 autos and that’s why I was leaning towards the 12/12 for flowering

The unit is usable, I just don’t want to spend that kind of money. Also want something that doesn’t cost hundreds to do one job. It does many jobs including automatic adjustments according to vpd. Uses cameras, thermometers and hygrometer. I just want mechanical on and off I only have to set once.

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12/12 would be your best bet. Unless we can prove a 10/10. Could get away with 14/10 theoretically. The 10/10 is backed on dimlux by saying 9 hours is the minimum for a photoperiod
to start flowering. But like I said. I never believe anything from a single source, looking for confirmation. And these are statements I can’t find anywhere else. I would be remissed if i kept saying 12/12 was better when depending on conditions like 10/10 making the process ~20% faster.

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Oh and the 7 day socket timers would work as intended. If they didn’t easily lose programing when power is out for any amount of time longer than an hour. I like to travel at random and never know when I’ll be back. Getting watering covered is ez. Asking non growers to cover technicalities is something I’ve learned not to do.

Sorry. We got carried away. We were motivated by your madness :slight_smile: :smiley:

Good news. I could not find the recycler I am tlaking aboout on Amazon. Let me look in the next 2 days.


No need to be sorry it gives me more to learn about I’m just trying to be a sponge :sponge: and absorb everything that I can

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well. Don;t give up on your experiemnt. Later.

@Littlegrow You have plenty of awesome help that is better than I….I will be lurking your journal keep up the awesome grow! :sunglasses::facepunch:t2:

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@Littlegrow opps , I thought you knew not to mention my name is case of questioning , I’m not Uncle’s Jerry favorite, so never speak of the Y-man , just say you heard or seen it somewhere and thought about it , besides I don’t suggest anyone to do nothing in regards unless they read the information on it that’s suggested cause I’m no expert , save yourself the unnecessary lecture of my advice please it’s still been since what 2003 maybe , it has to go on cause tge clock don’t stop

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I took what you said and other said and looked it up did the research on it and gas lantern and decided I liked the 6-2 just my issue of figuring out my flowering cycle because of having autos and photos at the same time …I don’t just take the first thing I see and run with it I do research it as well I thank you all for the support in insight on things to do to continue my grow steer me towards the right direction…I know this page is for references only

Good morning Littlegrow, I’m running a 6/2 light schedule on my current auto run. 1st time on this schedule and can notice a considerable difference with growth :love_you_gesture:

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Good evening @OGIncognito my plants seem to love the light cycle too…what do you plan on flowering at and have you ever ran photos and autos together?