First Grow needing a little help

Too early ot tell.

6 hours on 2 off…Is that what you meant? I have not seen that in over 10 yeats. A friend of mine wrote a book on that/those type of photo period/s.

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So after a 6-2 veg schedule what would you recommend for a flower schedule

Yes 6 on 2 off after doing some talking with yoshi and a little research it just seemed like a good start

chocolope got some room outta the solo cup to the center planter😎

Yoshi. OK. Not surprised by that. LOL :smiley:

Basically uoi are using the 18/6 theroty, and breaking it into 3 intervals per day.

Onemight assume that you will be going to flower with 4 on 4 off? :slight_smile:

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I want to really see how the yield goes.

There is a stress factor to consider; Imo. I support your effort 100%

Gutsy effort my friend.

Happy growing

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Well I’m sorta at a loss because of all the different on/off light schedules I’ve seen I was going more for the 12/12 but I am up for all suggestions :grinning:

If you have the photons for it, a 10/10 schedule is claimed by dimlux to actually make the plant believe there are 20 hours in a day. Meaning one week is 6 days instead of 7. Meaning 6 weeks is equivalent to 7. I’ve not found sound research on this tho.

Dimlux also uses a controller to do this that simulates sunrise and sunset. Not 100% on then 100% off. There’s a build up and drop down each “day”.

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I am not suggesting, but shock from all the light changes is why I never gave into the concept. I feel like the dark period is so important for root proudction and resting of the plant. Just as they cool down and go into “night” phase; SHOCk…Lights On! :smiley: LOL

Just saying …

Mostly; I would ask: how do you feel? Are you happy with the plants?

are they visuably smaller then past grows with standard photot periods?

From you siad; You are thinking of going 12/12. I think as a grower; You make that choice, because you are the only one in the room, and once you learn what happens; You will be all the wiser.

Curious to read your reply.

And; The can of worms have spilled onto the table. Everyone hold on. Here we go


I’m just waiting for someone who’s actually tried it. 24h timers require to often adjustment for me to try. I’d forget. Their controller costs more than my best light… not economical at my level. I could steal a controller from the shop and program it. But those cost more than the dimlux and require more work to set up. Best I leave them alone so my business partner doesn’t complain. Even if most of them sit collecting dust attached to motors we will never use. (VFDs)

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So this is my first grow even no experience at all just sorta going with the flow of the plants. Everything I’ve done I’ve tried to research as much as I could and along the way (thank goodness for this forum and people like you all who have helped me along the way)… but I most definitely think my girls have thrived after swapping from a solid 24 hour schedule to 6-2 and there was a huge post on here about the 6-2 schedule and comparing it to the gas lantern technique and found a lot of people had a lot of success with it and going to 12-12 for flowering.
As far as how I feel about them I think they have are doing great so far. Just learning as I go😀

What I would use is a recycle timer. Easy to adjust. As long as you buy one with a range to fit you concept, then they are easy to set. Set them one way for veg, and then set flower.

You sai, you were basing off a 20 hr, day. 18/6 is no different than 6/2 for this particular discussion of managing a timer. 75% on.

So. 15/5 woul be the same as 18/6, or 6/2. 10/10 in flower. Recycle timer. I have some, but I used mine to cycle my hydro system On and off during the dyalight time. In fact, recycle timers made for ag applications generally come with light sensors to start the cycle as soon as there is adequare kight to require feeding.

Whoooo what a mouthful.


Yes I was looking at those once. But it seemed to me they always took the light sensor into account. As to where I need a repeating timer that does 10. Most of the agricultural repeating timers do 2,4,8. And that’s where it ends. No 10…

I’m probably looking jn the wrong places or using the wrong terms. I’m a tool maker by trade. So machines and vfd are in my back ground. And I could easily accomplish this with a vfd. just seems like a repeating 10h mechanical timer would be available. Prefer a mechanical option because crap happens, things lose memory, power outages cause re programing if too long. You can find 24hr mechanicals all day though… guess I should’ve mentioned I want a mechanical option. Not digital

I wouldn’t do a 4/4. That’s contrary to a full flowering sleep which is generally accepted as 10 hours being a minimum for photoperiods.

With my recycle timers, I have 2 settings. time on /time off.

I guess the light sensor was a stupid statement, since we were talking about lighting. LOL

Are they digital? And is based purely off of hours in and off or the time of day? Time of day doesn’t work in intended application, since you’d have to change it every single day.

So would the 10/10 be the flowering cycle you are talking about sorry just confused with all the new stuff I need to research that you’re talking about lol

Is the beginnings and end of my knowledge on it. Been trying to find more info…not successfully I’ll add. But the idea of growing a plant 20% faster. Makes one thirst for knowledge

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No. They are not gigital which is what I love baout them. Let me see if I can find one on Amazon. The time frame is the key, but I believe mine goes to 2 days. I will look

Can you copy/paste that for me. my Macular degeneration, restricts reading gray on gray. Thanks