First grow need some insight!

Day 11


Looking very good. Great advice given already. On my second ever and I have gone back to my notes repeatedly already so what @Pinboy122 was suggesting, great idea!

Stay vigilant but don’t smother her. First time growers may over love! :sweat_smile:

Continued success.


Hey bro ,First the plant needs barried up to leaves! Then start a feeding schedule!

I have a question about nutes. Do I give them with every watering or once a week? I’ve looked but can’t seem to find anything solid.

Every feeding

You can flush with h2o after 4 feedings!

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Shoot looks like she’s gunna be happy today.

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Get her barried in the soil ,Start feeding that girl , I use general hydroponics nutrients!

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Mars hydro has nice lights with high ppfd, they work!


That’s them as of today


Get that girl out of that cup. into gro bas asap! She needs room to grow!

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She’ll take off when you put her in a gro bag room to get out the ring of death rootbounded!

Yes ilgm sale is killer a bought super silver haze! Ten for ten!:grin:

Yes leave on 24 hrs. Until your ready to flower! Then turn back to 12\12.

Thanks for the quick replies everyone! Here’s the girls after reporting the one and then feeding both.


You’re lookin good. You might want to introduce a fan blowing VERY lightly, so they just barely shake a little bit. Just gotta be careful not to hit them with too much. This will help to strengthen the stems. I alternate mine about 1/2 the day under to dome and half in the fan. I can’t help with the coco as I’m in happy frog soil.


That fan is a great suggestion. Helps them build up stem strength by simulating wind.

On the transplant, she woulda been fine for a bit longer. I dont take my gals outta solo cups until their leaves are bugger then the cup. Same goes for pots. Its a good telltale sign they are approaching rootboundness but normally still have a good window.

Feeding rates… those are some big pots for such tiny gals. You may find urself only needing to pour about a cup worth (no need for runoff at so young) every 4-5 days.

I normally dont feed until the cotyledons (little round feeder leaves at the bottom of the stem) have shriveld and died, but im in soil. Being in coco (which is inert) you can start feeding sooner but be wary of nuking the ladies. Alot of people feed, water, feed, water to avoid salt buildups and lockouts.

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FYI, if you are raising autoflowers you do not have to switch to a 12/12 cycle. I started on my first two grows using 24/0 all the way through. My first grow I also transplanted 5 TIMES!!! Yikes!!!

Started with rigid 3 gallon pots (after the 5th transplant), switched to 3 gallon airpots, now using 3 gallon fabric pots. Light schedule now 18/6. Current two crops REALLY seem to do better in fabric pots on an 18/6 light schedule.

I also have three fans running 24/7. One directed at the lights, two others on the plants, one is an oscillating fan.

When the plants are in late flowering, I run a carbon filter and a fan that circulates all the air my grow room in less than 3 minutes to “control” the odors . . . :mask: :sunglasses: :open_mouth:


Start of week 3. Attempting to try LST for the first time. What do you guys think?

Add a tie to the base of the main stalk pulling in the opposite direction so that you don’t pull her out of the soil. You will also want to get the tie a little higher and pull her down more. As she finds her way up and grows, keep pulling her down. Additional growth will also require ties so that the canopy stays even.

Only my second grow. Week 4 BB.

Learned so much from the support here.

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