First grow need some guidence

Ok so I have 2 1200w+ Led phlizon duel switch I also have 2 flat grow planels 65w a 5000k cob led , 125w ,135 cfm inline fan carbon filter duct work two 12" fans 1 6" fan I have a 8/10/6 room I have a 2/4/5 grow tent and 2/3/3 germ cabinet with a 3/7/3 storage have heaters, humifer, dehumidifier everything to set up a grow room just lack design

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@Scattered what is it you need help with. You’ve only said what you have which sounds like good space and a mix of lights that will definitely grow some weeds


I have the knowledge and the drive to do alot more than I have money for in your op how much longer on these


On these?
I understand the money thing, I grew under 2 600w blurple lights 113w of actual power each for about 2 years. I did all I could with em learning alot along the way. I had been growing outside but it’s not legal here so I was hiding in the mountains. My health doesn’t allow me to get up there anymore. So here we are it’s taken me this long to get the stuff I have. I don’t even smoke anymore but I have fun with this

None of them got very tall well cause I lsted the shit out of them but the buds a dence and smell fire just not very big

Nice size stem once you get your training down you should get some much better results.
Is this an auto? If so that’s why you didn’t get better growth. You can’t train an auto the same way as you do a photo.
As for a finish time I’m just guessing of course but I’d say 3-6 weeks. I’m a little concerned about the deep green leaves, a little heavy on N not sure of what you are feeding em but back off on the one with the first of the three numbers
Do you have a way to look at your trichomes? That’s what tells you when they’re ripe check out pics below. I included the 2nd pic just because it has a better look at the different trichomes

Ya I have been looking at them there milky but I was guess probley two weeks I over did it on the training and I did a check and had way to much nitrogen I did a mild flush to correct it and I had my lights way to low and several other things but I think the kinks are worked out and I know they can get much taller so no need to lay so much thanks I’ll keep you up to date

We call that loving them to death lol we all did it when we started out.
Making mistakes is never the problem the problem doesn’t happen until you make the mistake again.

Keep an eye on your trichomes they’re the key to when to cut em down. Go by the ones that are on the buds and not the ones on the leaves they will lie to you.

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