First grow, need some advice on this

Question from a fellow grower:

looking for confirmation that the plan I have for my first grow is a
ticket for success, and if not, tips for more success. I have ak47 fem
seeds on order from
Room conditions : Air conditioned to remain at 75 degrees Fahrenheit.
Large Room 10’ x 14’ with 8’ ceilings. Fan on round the clock.
Step 1: I plan to start germinating in a cup of water till the root sprouts and emerges from the hull.
2: place germinated seeds in 1 Gallon plastic pot with about 30 small
holes drilled on sides for air pruning and not fertilize for the first
couple days and after 2 days start fertilizing with an NPK ratio of
about 20-20-20 1x weekly. I figure this will last for 2 weeks. During
these 2 weeks I will have my largest 6500k 85 watt cfls hanging over
head about 6 inches from top of each plant and have more 6500k bulbs
hanging mid-bush height in between plants to get light to the under
branches and I plan on keeping lights on around the clock.
3: I plan on being about 10 days into veg stage and will have changed
fertilizer to an NPK ratio of 30-10-10. After the aforementioned 10 days
I plan on pinching or snipping off small nodes sprouting from lower
beanches and transferring plants into 5 gallon buckets with a holes
drilled all around the buckets for air pruning. I plan to fertilize
every other watering for a total of 3 weeks of vegatating with 24 hour
light cycle.
4: The plants will have been in soil for about 5 weeks at this point
and at this point I plan to change out all my bulbs 2700k bulbs, switch
light cycle to 12/12 and fertilize with NPK ration of 5-20-5 every other
5: Flower for about 3 and cut fertilization off during the last 2 days
of flowering and cut watering off till soil is dry and onto harvesting.

Questions: #1 When during this process could I cut clones and is the plant I cut clones still useable?
Would it be benifical just to use all the lights (2700k & 6500k)
for the entire grow. #3 Is a vinegar baking soda positioned behind my
fan going to very beneficial?

This same exact post was already posted. I thought we answered his questions?

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