First grow need help!

This is my first grow ever. Week 4 of flowering. Northern lights auto and pineapple auto. Started with just a pot in my room and slowly upgraded to the tent, bestiva 1000 watt light, Vivosun air filtration. No nutes until they started to flower then used tiger bloom. Think I might have used too much. Fan leaves turned dark and shiny, now they have yellow spots and look like they are dying. Been using just purified water to flush. Do they look like they should at this point? Lower buds are still pretty small. Ordered nutes and ph testers for my next try. Any advice at this point would be very appreciated!

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You need to order some ph up also

Welcome to the forum, great people around to help you.

Please get pictures in natural light. We can’t see much under the rave lights…

I’ll post a support ticket you will need to fill out.


COPY/PASTE the below list into your forum post.

Answer these simple questions the best you can.
If you do not know, or do not use something; Just say so; Or post
NA (non applicable)

  • What strain, Seed bank, or bag seed
  • Method: Soil w/salt, Organic soil, Hydroponics, Aquaponics, KNF
  • Vessels: Pots, Grow beds, Buckets, Troths
  • PH of Water, Solution, runoff (if Applicable)
  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable
  • Indoor or Outdoor
  • Light system
  • Temps; Day, Night
  • Humidity; Day, Night
  • Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size
  • AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,
  • Co2; Yes, No

Always try to upload a clear picture of any issues you may have to allow the community to assist you.

Add anything else you feel would help us give you a most informed answer should be included. Feel free to elaborate, but short and to the point questions and facts will help us help you in a more efficient manner :slight_smile:


Please be as complete as possible. If soil please tell us WHAT soil. WHAT light etc. It’s all important.

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  • What strain, Northern lights auto, pineapple auto
  • Method: Soil - fox farms
  • Vessels: Pots,
  • PH of Water, - not monitored
  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution - NA
  • Indoor
  • Light system - 1500w full spectrum. 24 hour light
  • Temps; Day, Night. - 76/70
  • Humidity; Day, Night. - 42
  • Ventilation system; VIVOSUN 6 Inch 390 CFM Inline Fan
  • AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, - no
  • Co2; Yes, No - no

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Thanks! A lot of great information here.

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@Myfriendis410 is awesome at identifying problems. I’m not because I never had to deal with them.

You commented on another post about potassium deficiency. Do you think that’s what’s going on because of the black spots on the leaves?

Possibly…most that post Phosphorus deficiency its real black. Yours could be another. @Myfriendis410

@Covertgrower and @CoyoteCody


I see calcium deficiency, phosphorus and excessive nitrogen, then lack of.
The fan leaves yellowing a little early.

A lot of this is the lack of PH tracking. If your ph falls out of line, a lot of, and some nutrients aren’t available for uptake. @Jastur66


Looks like @Covertgrower has you covered. Sorry, out in Colorado looking at our house build.

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