First Grow, Need Help! - Tons of Pics + Details!

Hi everyone, I have been testing a few different grows and my first 2 runs ended with Micro Grows yeilding 1 jar from 1 plant the first round and 5 small plants barely filling 1 jar the second round… =P

FINALLY, I vegged for a decent amount of time (Entire Flower Cycle of previous 5 plants)

Im using a 600 watt super lumen HPS, Fox Farm Happy Frog Soil, 30 galon container- Plenty of Air, keeping light 2 ft above canopy.

Im on a schedule for feeding every 3-4 days depending on my grow rooms humidity and touch of the soil. (I drain the basin every other day after feeding) — Im feeding with Tiger Bloom right now these pics are exactly 14 days from flip 12/12 (Hairs were showing)

I was hoping those inner shoots would stretch and grow up, they ARE stacking nodes but not gaining as much height as I’d hoped, so im wondering if im in store for another disapointing harvest… or if things look on track for a bountiful one…?

Any experienced info would be greatly appriciated :slight_smile:

Seed is Super Snow Dog

What is your defoliation technique? Looks like you may be inhibiting growth by taking too much foliage.

I started with a manifold in mind, and after focusing on a prior harvest I let this one grow 2 nodes very tall.

  • Right before Flower, I supercropped both sides (making this shape) and LST’s the sides.
    I’ve been careful with not over-doing the pruning (This is one bushy strain) and I only focused on the larger fan leaves (and very few inner leaves to expose bud sites)

also should mention I only defoliated day 1 of flower. this is day 14 havent removed a single leaf last 2 weeks.

Looks like you’ve stripped so much and removed a lot of the photosynthesis engine.

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I do share in ur concern tho, that was my first thought was I removed the shoots that would have helped the vertical growth… im wondering if this has hurt my yeild by doing this…the large fan leaves I removed were slightly nute burned in veg, and were much more mature leaves .

Do you think she will recover ? – should I do anything as far as flowering schedule to help?

I’ve started using Blackstrap mollassis in my last 2 waterings. – havent used CalMag but have been looking into it.

As far as other nutes I intended to use foxfarms big bloom after stretch weeks are finished (by end of week 4)

I don’t see her gaining much weight. She has very limited resources to do much with the nutrients. The leaves are the plants solar panels and the phloem transfer the energy from these leaves to the rest of the plant. You have severely interrupted that process by taking so much foliage.

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