First grow, need flower advice

This is my first grow and i have a banor auto that i am not sure about… according to my time line there should still be about, 6-7 weeks left but i am seeing some signs that some buds are close while on the same plant others are not. Also the bud seems under developed? Any advice would be helpful.


So they will get a bunch of white hairs then they turn dark, then another bunch of fresh white hairs and then those turn dark and so on.
That why the look under developed, because they are. They are just getting started and will stack up over time.

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What brand light and soil?


Bushwacked coco, sf1000 in 2x2…

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Thanks pappy.

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Pappy be correct. It has a few weeks to go before she fills out her nice little skirt for you, but she will! She looks good!

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Good day all… I have a few more pictures it has been an additional two weeks and Could you help me with some timing… not sure how much time is left before harvest… btw my gsc looks bad because she is ready for bed and just got a drink…

Bruce banor auto…


Depends on what type of high you want! You can now but I would wait a spell because the high will be different. Wait till you see some amber in you milk balls. You want them filled like they have milk in all the balls and some turning amber. Those ladies are looking nice!!!

You still have while hairs that will recede. Keep checking the trichs down in the bud.

Hey guys, its been another 2 weeks I think my bruce banor is just about ready. My girl scout im not sure. Can someone double check me?

Bruce Banor


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@NIGHTSLYFOX Which pics are bud only shots?

IMHO BB ready….GSC at least a couple more.

Thsnks guys