First Grow need advise Va man

Here’s a chart I scribbled on the original line is where they (I still don’t know who they are :laughing:) say is good for growing but my lines show where I aim for. My thoughts are if I push the numbers at the top of the canopy and the plant is not complaining the numbers will be good down into the canopy and will make some long nice colas. I don’t know if it’s the right way but it seems to be working good, growing weed is not a science plants are different and what is working with this plant will burn the next one… think of plants like people some tan in the sun and others burn… same thing with size shape etc just because two people have the same parents don’t mean they will look alike
Sorry for the book I’m on my third cup of mud and it gets me babbling :laughing: :rofl:



Thanks! This is invaluable !

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@MeEasy cool chart!!

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Issue: gnats galore!!! I think it’s best to allow for a complete dry between watering. I’m so hurt cause I know she wants more feed! Take a look and please advise.


Gnat a problem anymore lol

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Hello again! The ladies are flowering nicely. They all seem to have adjusted to the new nutes (Jacks 3-2-1). The pic Zia I call her I think needs some trimming. What do you all think? Zia has fan leaves larger than my hand!

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Oh Zia is in pre-flower and showing herself!


@Lmckenzie0322 coming right along!! Imho you can definitely do some defoliating on Zia, those super large fans can be plucked out. She’ll replace them in short order. I like to lollipop my plants, remove the bottom 1/3 and majority of the interior fans up top. I’m in to lst spreading as well. Pull her wings out and down to parallel, soft tie wire her to the pot edges. That’ll get you some extra light in there. :+1:t2::seedling::green_heart:

Trichomes coming soon?

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@Lmckenzie0322 Most certainly. That’s gonna be a nice bud there!!

Good day my friends! Question: I’ve been reading a lot on washing before drying out buds using a peroxide solution. Is this recommended and if so can someone explain to me the process? With me being a first time grower would you recommend this procedure?

Here’s a couple pics I downloaded from the net. I’ve washed in a peroxide water mix (1 cup in 5 gallon bucket) rinsed in just water and hung em to dry as normal but I know the baking soda helps I just didn’t have any at the time

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As always, thank you!


hi @OGIncognito When i hold photone over plant, as steady as i can, it jumps around 40s to 50 and in betwen. is it normal or is there some other way to keep the # steady?

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That’s your light distribution at each place of the canopy. Play around with height and intensity checking the DLI. I do that sometimes and write it down in my journal. It helps when I grow certain strains together knowing which ones love to be blasted a little higher than usual and ones that are sensitive and do better around 45 DLI :love_you_gesture:

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Thanks @OGIncognito . I thought maybe there was a target that i could preset. But. for free, what am i thinking?
Gipsy and memes

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Hello all. Would you advise a moisture meter? I’m hearing the target is 11% before bagging. Any thoughts on drying?


I have a meter and i trust it more than me snapping a branch. But, definitely not necessary.

I’ll get the meter. No point in breaking branches my first grow! I’ve put too much work into this and with more challenges to come!

Thanks @beachglass

What does the 11% represent?