First Grow need advise Va man

@MeEasy what does it mean ‘grow organic’?

@MeEasy i got it never mind on the organic question. Interesting….love got some ‘living’ soil I purchased several months ago. Still in its original package. Ever work with this?

There’s more than one description of organic. There’s the liquid “organic” stuff I’ve never tried this way or really looked into it much. Then there’s what I am doing which is dry organic nutrients (I’ll tack the ingredients at the bottom) in soil with living organisms that breaks down the nutrients to make them available as food for the plants. This is the way mother nature does it in the woods leaves fall off the trees rot n break down into food for the trees that dropped them… I cheat and buy a premixed product that makes it easier because it’s all in two bags instead of 15 bags I have to measure out and mix in to my soil. This is what’s in that product you would have to buy a bag of each of these to make your own

:point_down: copy paste from my notes :point_down:
Plant Nutrient Ingredients: Organic Wheat middlings, Organic Alfalfa meal, Organic Steamed bone meal, Organic Soybean meal, Organic Potassium sulfate, Distillers grains, Fish Meal, Organic Bat Guano, Insect Frass

Soil Conditioning Ingredients: Organic Bat Guano, Organic Limestone, Organic Worm Castings, Humic Acid, Dried Molasses, Insect Frass

Trace Mineral Ingredients: AZOMITE, Organic Limestone, Organic Kelp Meal, Fish Meal, Organic Steamed Bone Meal

Microbe Food Ingredients: Organic Wheat Middlings, Distillers Grains, Organic Worm Castings, Dried Molasses, Organic Soybean Meal

Billions of Microbes (Fungi & Bacteria) from Micraculture’s Plant Probiotics

Thank you @MeEasy !

Have no likes again :green_heart::green_heart: … you’re welcome :grin: sorry for the book I’m all hoped up on coffee :laughing: :rofl:

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I missed your other post sorry, I haven’t used that exact product but it’s pretty close to what I use except it has soil in it. The stuff I use goes into your soil, then you continue to use the same soil just adding more of the mix each time and the soil gets better the more you reuse the soil because it gets more n more healthy

Hello and good morning. I have a girl who I think is ready in hydro. She’s been flowering for 8+ weeks. This pick is of one of her lowest buds. Please let me know . FYI she’s 1 of 9 plants I have going. Thanks!



I’m not the best at looking at trichome pictures but I don’t see but a couple clear so imo it’s in the harvest window but just in the beginning because I don’t see much amber either and what I do see looks to be on leaves, we all know leaves are liars :laughing:


Indeed we do! @Graysin do you agree?

I clipped one of the buds to get at the trichomes.


I agree - those look all cloudy to me. Not a lot of amber but no clear either. It’s right at my sweet spot


Ok, I think I’ll give her another couple days and then proceed to my very first harvest! Thank you so much everyone!


If it were mine, she’d be drying. Good luck!

Good morning. Here’s number 2. Based upon your @Graysin opinion yesterday. Take a look at this one I think she’s ready nice and cloudy! What are your thoughts is she ready? Thanks!

@Newt ? If ready Can I cut her now during lights on or should I wait until lights out and just before they wake up which is around 3am?


All please chime in! I’d love your opinions?


Looks ready to me. I always chop right before lights on.

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Ok brother, thank you! Is there anything I can do for her other than wait and mess with you guys? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’m planning on Wedrying them @Newt do you have any experience?

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The waiting is the hardest part.

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I’d take her, too. Looks excellent.

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Thank you brothers @Newt @Graysin @kaptain3d @MeEasy nothing but respect for you guys!


@Graysin you can have her!

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