First grow nearing harvest. Need some advice

Yes. If they go too long without nutes they’ll be growing but not as much as they would if you keep them fed and happy. I personally never stop feeding when I’m growing, nor do I flush. My nutes aren’t expensive so I don’t see the appeal.

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Your Harvest time will also be determined by what kind of an effect you want your flowers to have on you. I look for sleep medication so I started to let mine go at least two weeks longer than the Breeders say flowering time should take.
I stopped feeding mine about the time they’re supposed to be finished, and let the plant start to cannibalize itself. Supposed to help remove some of the chlorophyll and help the plant finish by stressing it a little bit.
Your avatar is familiar, I knew somebody on another Forum that used that Avatar. Do you have another hobby that is very similar but different?

I was going to stop giving nutes and not flush just plain water so it takes more out of it’s leaves and heard about chemical taste from nutes.

My avatar is from Google. Some inside jokes from years ago gaming. Decided to use that instead of some auto assigned military or eagle avatar.

I am down for any affect really. I mainly use it to smoke and stay awake. Then after smoking alot pass out. To be honest not too advanced in detecting differences besides heavy couch lock and alertness. I was thinking of harvesting at about 50% Amber 50% milky. Still learning as my first grow.

Disorganized post as I’m very tipsy from dinner :joy:.

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Hey There, @Vistrix Dr. Bugbee recommends feeding right up ‘till harvest unless you’ve over fertilized. Nebula also has come out with similar advise. I just decided to fertilize till the final watering which would be just H2O, then it needs to dry out for a few days, then chop.

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Got the microscope today. Here’s some new pics. Trying to get some better ones but it is damn hard holding my hand steady enough :joy:.

Those are right on the money.

I’m with oldmarine on the white widow flowering time. The longer the better. You get some great flavor and high out of it if you let it go.