First grow nearing harvest. Need some advice

I started this Photoperiod white widow around the end of August. I believe the 29th I started germination. Flipped to flower on November 21. Looking at trichromes with a jewelers loupe I am barely able to make out the colors. I see some cloudy, some Amber, and I think some clear. I was debating whether to harvest this weekend or the following since next weekend would be 8 weeks of flower. Should I wait more? Most of the pistils are rusty and starting to recede. A few are still whitish (10% maybe). I’ve already stopped giving it nutrients as of last weekend. Plain water for 2 waterings so far.

Def a learning experience. Struggled with the nutrients since I transplanted it from a smaller pot. I am seeing some purpling of leaves but nothing major.

Starting by posting a bonus pic of mutant branch I have and tried to train and give it as much light as possible but it’s so low on the plant it didn’t grow much. The branch is flat and leaves grew mad along the stem. I have more pics on another post back before flower.

Any advice is appreciated. Anxious to try her.


Can you get your camera lens stuffed up against the jeweler’s loupe and take some photos for us that way of the trichomes?

It’s hard to give advice without seeing the trichomes up close. The pistils being still white is a real rough estimator that she’s not ready yet and may have 2-3 weeks to go, but that isn’t true for every plant.

@Graysin see these. Best I can do until Wednesday next week. I ordered a microscope with higher magnification that can send pics to my phone.

These are of the 3 tallest colas at the very top. The plant is getting sticky and smells great too.

Honestly those all look quite good. I’d be looking at pulling in a week or two. I’ll hold off my judgment about whether I suggest one week or two after we see the microscope shots. But there’s a little clear, a lot of cloudy/milky, and a little amber going on.

I haven’t evaluated the ones that are clearly sugar leaves because those mature differently than the buds but all of the bud shots are :+1: A+ material.

Awesome thanks. At this point should I expect more beefing up of the buds or just minimal?

Honestly I’m not sure. The longer you let them go the bigger the buds will get, but the trade off is that the mature buds will start to degrade as time goes on.

At some point it’s just evaluating if they’re “done” for your personal preference and giving them the ax.

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November 21? It’s nowhere near ready. I flipped mine November 6th abs they have weeks left

White widow flowers 7-9 weeks. Your not even to 7 yet.

I’ve taken to waiting until week 11 of flowering on White Widow. I’m looking for pain and sleep aids…

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7 weeks on the 9th (by my count). Add 2-3 weeks. Sounds like 9-10 weeks to me. 8-9 if you are one of those who doesn’t count the first week after flip. (PS it’s @Vistrix ‘s WW, not mine - got my blonde a$$ all confused for a moment there. I’m like “wait my WW isn’t even a month old yet :rofl::joy:)

I’m just operating on the trichome photos. :man_shrugging:t3: That’s how I always have and always will evaluate plant maturity.

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Hey there @Vistrix looking good. One thing I would say re. bud beef-up is that it looks like your plant has more nutrients in the leaves for the buds to cannibalize. I find it amazing how bud shoulders grow as they suck out the last remaining nutes in the leaves. Don’t forget, it won’t happen over night.

November 21 to January 21 is 8 weeks. And that is 2 weeks away still. What am I missing. Did you not mean to type that you flipped to flower on November 21st because that is for sure , definitely what it says

Yep. That’s definitely what it says

Actually I was one of the guys who count from the day I flip until … I contacted the very company that I bought the seeds from. ILGM and they said “ technically, it’s not until you see the formation of the flowers that you begin the count “ so in spite of thinking I was almost finished , I trusted the people who sell the seeds and figured I needed to add a few weeks.

I’m sure I misread something. 6 weeks 6 days today

And tomorrow makes 7 weeks and in one more week after tomorrow that’ll make 8 weeks. I don’t see what I’m missing.

9 weeks is January 23. I’m, of course, counting by every 7 days on a calendar, beginning Sunday Nov 21. :man_shrugging:t3:

Edit: i see your confusion now in OP’s post. They meant next weekend (of the 15-16th) would be week 8 - not that this coming weekend was week 8.

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I just finished up we photos outside though and they took 10 weeks to get some color on those tricombs. But, I had shade issues that slowed me down I believe. It was my first grow and there great. But I wish I would have let them get to 30 percent Amber color. Your growing environment has everything to do with how long it can take to reach maturity. 7 to nine weeks is a very vague time range. Just keep watching your hairs and tricombs. Don’t pull to soon!!! I wish I had listened to plumbdand and removed all my shade but I didn’t. Live and learn.

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WW white widow.

I misunderstood something I’m sure. I think your probably a few weeks out. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a plant finish by 7 weeks. A 7-9 week plant will often ripen for 10-12 weeks. My 8-9 week ripeners are 9 weeks in a have a few to go

Haha reading through all this even confused me. To clarify tomorrow Sunday Jan 9 will be 7 complete weeks since I switched the light schedule to 12/12. I’ll wait until my microscope arrives and post updated images. I decided to wait until at least 1/16 (8 weeks). Most likely will wait 1-2 weeks after that so total of 9-10 weeks all dependent upon the updated images. Yes I agree the plant is just starting to suck the nutrients out of the leaves. Should I give it some nutrients since I’m waiting another 2-3 weeks? It’s been without nutrients for a week now. I was getting nervous cause I saw some Amber starting with the loupe. But those are mainly on the sugar leaves.