First grow, multiple plant ages, outdoor, beginners luck

Greetings forum members and mods. I am a new grower here looking for advice. I have multiple plants all at different ages given to me by a friend. They are all still in their original pots And I’m torn between putting them directly into the ground or keeping them in pots for the duration of my grow. I would like to know what to do? Should I plant them directly in the ground or just use parts and give them bigger pots? Any help would be appreciated and thank you very much.

Simple, do both. Cut the bottom off the pot with a razor knife. Dig you a hole say two by two by two feet deep. Fill it with organic amended potting soil. I add manure, oyster shell, Diamasticious Earth and other things to make a good rich soil.

Put your pot on top of the new soil in the ground and cut the bottom off slide it out and back fill around your pot leaving it about three inches above ground.

Now all your waterings are channeled by the pot shell to the roots and termites have to go deeper to get under the pot.

Good luck!

That’s a stellar idea! My friend suggested that I should bury the taller one about a foot to a foot and a half down for a stronger rooting system. I Kind of thought that that was a little bit too deep but I’m not too sure about what I’m doing and want to do it correctly the first time. How deep would you say give or take to plant the taller one down?

Also, The place that I am going to plant them gets about eight hours of direct sunlight a day and the rest is semi shaded. Will this affect them very negatively to not be in the direct sun for a full 12 hours or not? Thanks

Are they autos or photos?

Both. Three Photos, two autos.

Also, I bought the ff trio and need some help learning to read the measurements chart. I’ve read that A lot of people only feed their plants half or a quarter of what the chart calls for. I figure it’s better to give them less nutes Then give them too much to stay away from neut Burn.

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Thanks @MrPeat! Nice to meet you bro.

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