First grow, manifolded, topped x2 and LST.. Does it look like I'll get good yield?

back one is Auto…but the front one I put into flower 2 weeks ago and 8 main colas looking ok I think…small budsites in the middle bottom
Any guess on yeild? (ForumXsundae driver Strain) thx . I know its hard to guess but does it look alright and is possible to get an ounce a cola? or that aiming to high?
Vegged for a few months or so before switch.

I think that vegging for 4 months to have 8+ inches of bare stem on bottom is counterproductive. I think a scrog is far more efficient

Hornhead has an excellent point. More importantly tho. What kind of lighting are you running. I think an oz a branch is in range, especially for ur veg time, but if you dont have the intensity then ur fighting uphill battle

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soil is photoperiod back one is an DWC auto and I wanted to keep the lights 24/7 when the auto was flowering so I waited to switch until most the flowering was done on the auto…thats why I vegged the front soil photo so long before switching 12/12.
LIGHTS - 2 ebay cheapos(800 watt leds) but the real watts from wall is 225 each so 450w total. Tent is 3’x3’x72

You normally aim for 1g a watt… some do better. Some worse. But 500grams aint too shabby. 17 ozs… thing is. If you follow ur ladies you can get 20. If your hardheaded more like 10. Like i said… it’s basically how good do you listen n respond to the ladies.

also using GH Flora trio, HG Armor Si, a little cal mag & some hydroguard for most of the grow

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Hows the stacking going? N if u ever post something to someone and want them to see it quickly type @ and their name. Like @IMaNOOBhelpME and it sends a notif

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I typically yield 10 to 12 oz per plant in a 5 1/2 month grow with photos. This is my target and is fairly valid across the board (unless I screw up haha).

You have adequate lighting and should stack some dense nugs for this grow. Got a ways to go now though.

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yea starting to work out lol will post updates and pics soon. thx for tip @PurpNGold74