First grow, M.O.A.B , currently in drying stage, how long to hang?

Unfortunately the plants were outside for 2 months before I got my tent and training got skipped besides topping once or twice. My first grow. Next time will be better.
How long will should I let them hang before I start curing them ? Was told 4 days by a friend but that seems a little short.


It depends on the temp and humidity. Flower will dry in 6 to 8 days at 60% RH and ~70F. These are ideal drying conditions.


Appreciate the advice. Thanks

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Get yourself a moisture meter . mine was$40 on Amazon. You hang till buds read between 10-12% then jar or grove bag! I would recommend the Grove bags👍. The meter is a wood moisture meter by General. If you’re gonna do it do it right. Takes the guess work out. and welcome to the community! Mine usually take between 6 - 9 days.


Nice job for your first grow

Once your thinner branches snap when bent they’re done, you can invest in a wood moisture meter and poke your buds , they’re done at about 12% , keep your dry room at 55-60,% of a hygrometer